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COVID Calls Spike

Atchison, Jackson County, KS Health Departments overwhelmed with phone calls

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two northeast Kansas county health departments are urging residents to be patient as they deal with a surge of phone calls. The Atchison County, Kansas, Health Department and the Jackson County, Kansas, Health Department say over the past couple of weeks they have been overwhelmed and understand if people are frustrated.

Front Line Tribute

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif in Pro Football Hall of Fame for work off field fighting COVID-19

Kansas City Chiefs right guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame - not for his work on the Chiefs offensive line, but for his work on the front lines fighting COVID-19.The Pro Football Hall of Fame tweeted a photo of some of its newest artifacts Saturday - including Duvernay-Tardif's medical scrubs and lab coat.

Farm Comeback Hope

KC Fed: Farm Financial Outlook is Improving

The Kansas City Fed said last week that the outlook for agricultural credit conditions in its Tenth District improved in the third quarter, due in part to rising commodity prices and additional government aid to producers. After dropping sharply in the second quarter due to COVID-19 disruptions, prices for most ag commodities began to rebound [...]

Panty Prognostication

The cofounder of underwear startup Parade on why the era of Victoria’s Secret is over

The indie brand sold 500,000 pairs of underwear within the first year, and is now set to release a limited edition collection of scarves.

Prez Trump Sends Mixed Signals

Trump finally admitted that Biden won the election - then immediately walked it back

President Donald Trump appeared to concede for the first time that President-elect Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election in a Sunday morning tweet, before walking back his initial message by tweeting, "I concede NOTHING!"

Veep Talks Big Pharma

Biden team to meet with coronavirus vaccine makers this week as Trump stonewalls transition

President-elect Joe Biden's coronavirus advisors will meet with the leading drug companies developing coronavirus vaccines this week, Ron Klain, Biden's newly selected chief of staff, said on Sunday. The meetings come even as President Donald Trump refuses to concede the election, though he acknowledged in a Tweet posted Sunday that Biden had won.

Pandemic Politics Persist

Trump faces growing pressure to start transition as Covid surges across US

The White House is coming under growing pressure from President-elect Joe Biden, as well as senior Republicans and health experts, to allow transition talks to begin amid a terrifying surge in coronavirus cases that is pushing hospital systems across the US to the brink of collapse.

Bittersweet ThunderGong Echo

Why Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde Decided to End Their 9-Year Relationship

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde split earlier this year, a source confirmed to People this week. The couple, who were together for nine years and engaged for more than seven, share a son Otis, 6, and a daughter, Daisy, 4. They had their reasons, of course, for wanting to end their romantic relationship.

Catholic Double Take

60 years after JFK, Biden as second Catholic president offers a refresh in church's political role

Running to become the first Catholic president of the United States in 1960, Sen. John F. Kennedy told an audience of wary Protestant ministers that " if the time should come ... when my office would require me to violate my conscience or violate the national interest, then I would resign the office."

Alex Smith Earns Debut

In first start since injury, Alex Smith throws for nearly 400 yards

KANSAS CITY, MO. (KCTV/AP) --- Former Kansas City Chiefs and current Washington Football Team starter Alex Smith threw for 390 yards in his first start since a gruesome injury to his leg. Washington lost the game to the Detroit Lions, 30-27.

All About Sporting

The Engineering of Sporting Kansas City's 2020 Rise: A season review and playoff preview

Two matches into a new season for Sporting Kansas City, the possibility of a much different MLS season from the fog of 2019 was in the air. The winds of change were favorable. And although no one knew all that 2020 would bring, rays of light had already begun to brighten the skies.

Forecasting Week Ahead

Cold start Monday, lower 60s by the afternoon


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  1. the lawsuit in Pennsylvania is over. Stick a fork in Trump. He's done.

    1. And yet, the states must certify elections and the electoral college must vote to confirm it all. Weird.

  2. It’s gonna be hard to prove all the cheating the dimwits did during the election when the cia is the main culprit throughout the four years President Trump has been in office and rigging the election for China dark winter joe. The cia picked the wrong side.

    1. Oh look, right wing idiots are promoting yet another theory that includes no conceivable evidence we can look for that would disprove it!

  3. Jason Sudeikis has options. If that bitch was giving him a hard time, he was right to move on.

  4. ^^^ turns out the bitch in this case was Sudeikis, he treated his first wife and kids like shit, he’s doing the same thing to probably the last decent woman on earth so....

  5. 8:39 he filed a new suit today so it’s still far from over.

    Uh oh spaghetti o’s....

    “Joe Biden's cancer charity spent more than $3 million on salaries and zero on cancer research and grants during a two-year period, according to tax filings reviewed by the New York Post.

    Documents also show the Biden Cancer Initiative, founded by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and wife, Jill, after Joe's oldest son, Beau died in 2015 from brain cancer, spent nearly $1 million on travel and conference expenses during that time.”

    Guess who’s going to jail for stealing charity money. how low can you go joe?

  6. Whitmer has an impeachment coming. Oops!

  7. 9:21, nice fantasy. NY Post? Isn't that right up there with the National Enquirer?

    Whataboutism won't keep Trump out of jail.

    And, no, he can't pardon himself.

  8. As usual, no one knows what Bandit is talking about.

    Probably some more secret information he found on-line.

    Trump's new Covid Tsar told Michigan to "rise up" against their governor.

    Totally normal stuff, since we've been living in the Twilight Zone.

    1. You personally are, no doubt.

  9. 9:01 maybe you shouldn't smear your in depth analysis of your own relationship issues onto others.

  10. Clearly the relationship ended because of jason's hairstylist and olivia's choice of eye shadow color.

  11. COVID! Keep thinking about the COVID...don't think about the stolen election. COVID...COVID...COVID...HIDE IN YOUR BASEMENT! That's what China Joe is going! HIDE! HIDE! HIDE! Don't even TALK about the possibility the election was stolen...all that matters is COVID...COVID...COVID...

  12. Trump has lost. He even said Biden won. There are bad calls in football, but the winner is still the winner (bad call or not).

    Give up Trumpers. Watch as Trump is indicted for crimes and faces prison.

  13. trump is not going to be indicted for crimes or go to prison.
    Ridiculous to claim that democrats & republicans have not both been inciting division.

  14. over mostly bullshit on top of it.

  15. "If you truly want to make America great again, tell Donald Trump to go to hell!"
    (Lindsey Graham, 2015)

  16. more bullshit, child.
    everyone can tell trump to go to hell, it will make america as great as when exactly?

  17. Biden is ready to cut your paychecks in half so you can help pay for healthcare for illegals and more good stuff for people who don't want to work for a living. Good for you for being so unselfish with your paycheck ... suckers! China is so happy their favorite candidate won so they can return to dominating our country and make better deals with Hunter and his father.

  18. The Horse eats grass,
    then the Horse eats hay,
    then the Horse eats grain,
    then the Horse delivers what @7:52 posts.


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