Saturday, November 14, 2020

Kansas City Submits To COVID-19 Orders

According to recent MSM reports, the public reaction to a Friday health warning has been humble obedience to the new public behaviors prescribed by doctors that will hopefully prevent further sickness, hospitalizations and death. 

Heavily regulated local restaurants have already signaled their compliance whilst warning that "the revenue simply isn't there" to support their operations during the continued pandemic crackdowns.

And when it comes to on the record public quotes . . . Notice MSM only highlighting defeated and depressed locals who seem to fear "dark days" of the upcoming Winter. 

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Kansas Citians react to new health directives

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Local doctors issued new recommendations to governments in the metro area on Friday, calling for enhanced social distancing and masking requirements. They are asking for each jurisdiction to implement the following: Continue consistent mask mandates for all activities outside the home and broaden enforcement.

12 comments: said...

What a load of absolute bullshit.

Nancy Pelosi doesn't REALLY think Covid is any big deal and she is fuckin 80 years old.

What fuckin liars Democrats are.

Anonymous said...

Haven't we learned anything? Look what the Democrats did with the election, how they flipped numbers to get a failing old man with dementia into office so they can try to turn America into Venezuela.

Why would we trust the government at all? How do we really know how many people have the virus or were hospitalized or died? Because Dr. Death, AKA Tony Fauci, said so? He also originally said masks were not necessary and now claims you must wear a mask or it's life or death. He also said it would be fine to hook up with people on social media sites if you're careful.

Hospitals get paid more for patients who die there from COVID, and the ante gets upped if they were on a ventilator. An article in the Columbus Dispatch on August 4, 2020 opined:

"Yes, hospitals get an additional 20% for Medicare patients treated for COVID-19" and "The higher Medicare rate stirred controversy in April after Republican Sen. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota doctor, speculated on Fox News that the additional money might inspire hospital administrators to make it look like routine pneumonia cases were COVID-19 cases."

A headline from the Canada Free Press, April 13, 2020, screamed: "The CDC Confesses to Lying About COVID-19 Death Numbers" in an article by American Thinker contributor Matthew Vadum.

From Townhall Finance come the story: "Department of Health Overrides Doctors, Changes Cause of Death to COVID-19."

That May 1, 2020 article said in part:

Last week the Pennsylvania health department was forced to revise downward the state's tally of COVID-19-caused deaths by 200, or about 10 percent, after coroners in the state produced a different number of COVID-19 deaths than the state's numbers.

If the government wants me to take a COVID vaccine because it says it is safe, I think I'll pass. Thanks, but no thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Fauci -" now is the time to do what you are told."

This is and has always been the agenda.

From the earliest day of this Wuhan pandemic, I’ve contended that the primary goal of all the “public health” types is not to save your life or keep you healthy because they could really give a rat’s ass whether you live or die. The real game is to create a “public health” carve-out to the First Amendment that gives unelected bureaucrats and elected officials the right to rule by fiat. Early in this self-generated crisis, the first target was church attendance. Now we’re seeing the same nasty little fascists who locked down entire states…while sending patients still infected with Wuhan virus into nursing homes in what appears like a conscious effort to slaughter the elderly and infirm. (I say conscious because Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health Richard…err…Rachel Levine took his own mother out of a nursing home before signing the order directing nursing homes to admit Wuhan patients.)

Now we’re being told that family gatherings at Thanksgiving are just too, too dangerous.

The bottom line is they want to use this disease to fundamentally change the relationship between the American people and the government that serves them. People like Fauci are trying to fearmonger about the disease to create an environment where we kowtow to whatever harebrained scheme they come up with. Once Americans have accepted that God-given freedoms can be curtailed by a garden gnome in a lab coat for the sake of “public health,” you are going to see everything become a public health issue. The left has tried to make firearm deaths a “public health crisis.” In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, we saw some governors declare racism to be a “public health crisis,” though the more we know about Floyd the less it seems like racism was a component an the more it seems like criminal behavior and a fentanyl overdose were to blame.

No, we don’t need to do what we are told. We need to go on with our lives as though were were a free people and not whipped curs. We need to take note of who is promulgating the advice that is resulting in lockdowns and if we ever have the opportunity to extract political vengeance from them and the people who decided to follow this quackery rather than the Constitution, we should do so.

Fuck the mayor.

Anonymous said...

At a press conference on Friday the 13th, Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D-Portland) announced a new two-week “freeze” on gatherings and activities, designed to slow the spread of COVID-19. According to media reports, the computer modeling used as a basis of the lockdowns lacked projections for hospitalizations and death rates, which were included in previous reports.

Restaurants – Take-out only
Gyms and Fitness – Closed
Indoor Recreation – Closed
Venues – Closed
Faith-Based Organizations – Open, Capacity limited to 25 indoors and 50 outdoors
Grocery and Pharmacies – Open, 75% capacity
Other retail – Open, 75% capacity
Office Environments – Closed with exceptions
Long-term care facility visitations – Outdoor only
Personal services – Open
Congregate sheltering – Follow current guidelines
Youth Programs, School, Childcare – Follow current guidelines
Private Social Events – limited to two households or six individuals in a closed group (including Thanksgiving)
Wear a mask in your own home on Thanksgiving, only removing it when eating
Don’t leave your home during the two-week shutdown

According to Willamette Week, Kate Brown will also direct the police to crack down on violators:

Brown also said today that she has directed the Oregon State Police to begin coordinating with local law enforcement agencies to police the restrictions on in-home gatherings. Brown noted that households that violate the six-person limit will be committing a misdemeanor and could be to subject to citation or arrest.

It’s still unclear what the goal may be. If it’s to stop the spread of the virus, Oregon has done that. The state has always ranked in the bottom five in both the infection rate and deaths among the 50 states. If it’s to minimize stress on hospitals, Oregon has achieved that goal too. So why the new, more severe lockdowns?

Kate Brown’s chief of staff, Nik Blosser, left the administration this week to join Joe Biden’s presumptive transition team. Rumors have swirled that Brown, along with Jay Inslee of Washington, could join a Biden administration. One legislative staffer remarked anonymously that Brown appeared to be copying New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in an attempt to gain the attention of the presumptive Biden-Harris administration

Democrats are nothing short of flat out insane.

Clayton Bigsby said...

But pink haired and gender confused lovers can sport their motorcycle helmets and yell Orange man bad in Portland

Anonymous said...

Take off those masks, MAGATs. Let COVID work its magic on you and your family. It's the least you can do since Trump got his ass kicked in a landslide victory.


Anonymous said...

No doubt, 11:37.

The rest of you are deranged.

Anonymous said...

You do not know the definition of 'landslide', and your grasp of the actual science in the virus is nonexistent. No wonder you believe in magic.

Anonymous said...

Fear is the way! Conform! Do not question the authorities, who always know best!

Anonymous said...

Tony's Kansas City, where every reader has an advanced degree in epidemiology.

Anonymous said...

Gee when Donald Trump got the same number of electoral votes (and yet still lost the popular vote, just like this time) in 2016 he called it a landslide.

So Democrats are just using YOUR DEFINITION, loser.

Anonymous said...

2016: "We had a massive landslide victory, as you know, in the Electoral College. I guess the final numbers are now at 306," Trump said in an interview on Fox News Sunday.

Hey that's what Biden got. A LANDSLIDE IT IS, BUDDY!