Kansas City Star Questions Missouri GOP Accountability For Creeper Allegations

There's no legal angle on this case but our progressive local newspaper uses their reporting to push forward a Democratic Party super-minority charges. 

It's fair game even if the question is biased and based only reports haven't YET been confirmed or denied by authorities.

Here's the link tease . . .

Accused abuser Rick Roeber wins seat in Missouri House. Will lawmakers expel him?

Voters in Missouri's House District 34 made the wrong decision Tuesday when they elected Rick Roeber as their representative in Jefferson City. In unofficial results, Roeber defeated opponent Chris Hager by 345 votes out of more than 21,000 cast in the district, which includes part of Lee's Summit and areas south and east of the city.


  1. Missouri's Legislature?
    He's a Republican, he'll fit right in!

  2. Will lawmakers expel rapey joe?

  3. Kamala Harris slept her way into politics*. Will the Dems expel her?

    Thereby serving as the perfect model for Trump's comment about pussy grabbing.

  4. Accused, not convicted. We still live in a society where one is innocent before the law until proven guilty in a court of law. The voters were informed and made their decision.

    Besides, the Dems have no room to talk, over in Kansas they just elected a 20something Marxist psycho who's now targeting Governor Grandmaw.

  5. What's Pedo Joe/Rapist Joe got to say about this story?

    Oh, wait, we don't publish such stories about democrats!


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