Kansas City South Side Inclusion Sunday

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Holmeswood Baptist Church announces LGBTQ+ acceptance

By Kathy Feist Holmeswood Baptist Church recently decided to become more inclusive by embracing individuals who are LGBTQ+ into the full life of the church. The church completed a nearly two-year long process that included church-wide conversations where congregants sat around tables and listened to one another.


  1. Reverend Stone11/29/20, 8:39 PM

    We have gay squirrels and lesbo rabbits at The Church of The Backyard Rock.

    Escalade donations appreciated.

    Bishop Stone

  2. LGBTQ+PEDO come on down. We need Sunday School teachers for preschool up to 5th grade. No background checks necessary because your so special 🤗

  3. This won’t make this church stand out at all. Lots of Presbyterian and Episcopalians already plus the Unitarians etc etc big deal

  4. And attendance is going to TANK at that "woke church." Have fun with that!

  5. Every church has to accept it or they will burn them down. We seen how BLM dealt with opposition this past entire summer.

  6. The bible is so old fashioned. Why do these social clubs claim "Christianity" if they don't like the bible it's based on?


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