Saturday, November 28, 2020

Kansas City Small Biz Desperately Seeking Additional COVID-19 Stimulus

Nearly everyone is waiting on a check from the Feds and local small biz is no different as THOUSANDS of workers in the metro understand that they'll be out of a job without government assistance in the very near future.

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Local small business owners, employees hoping for another round of COVID relief to stay afloat

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As COVID cases surge in the metro, local officials are working to stop the spread. However, restrictions that help that goal are also hurting small businesses. The HEROES Act is a bill designed to help small businesses survive. The bill offers many provisions for Americans, including a stimulus check of up [...]


Anonymous said...


Quackish "Q' on quisling quest!!!

Anonymous said...

McHomes got your relief money. Ask him to float your boat.

Anonymous said...

Odd that only some Bars and Restaurants seem to be endangered by this pandemic, others are adapting and getting by just fine. Must be a question of whether or not your place was ever really in the mainstream or was just some sort of fad (longer or shorter lived) catering to the passing fancies of the "hip and wonderful".

Still, with McGonnigals, Westport and The Quaff gone, what would Kansas City do for Meat Markets?

Anonymous said...

If any business needs money to stay open they need to look to Quinton Lucas for the help he is the one who has shut everyone down and he is the one who changes the rules like most people change underwear. Stop going to the feds for the help and look to your own city Gov. for help.