Kansas City 'Safer At Home' Aftermath: Mayor Q Plan Hinges On More COVID-19 Stimulus

The reaction to new COVID-19 restrictions on Kansas City small biz has been overwhelmingly negative.

However . . . 

A glimpse at the big picture offers us perspective that might be overlooked by our local newsie counterparts.


In other words . . . This plan doesn't work because it's not supposed to. 

There wasn't any buy-in from local biz because it's not about them . . .

Many cynical denizens the KCMO biz community believe the crackdown is part of a national power play to push for more stimulus — Local suffering, layoffs and hard times are part of the equation. 

Of course that's a cynical outlook and far more trusting souls can hope that elected officials have the best interest of the community at heart even if this recent decision suggests otherwise.

Check the links . . .

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The Sun: TRANSITION OR DIE-  Biden slams Trump ‘playing golf’ as Covid stimulus stalls & says ‘more people may die if we don’t coordinate’ transition

Motly Fool: Americans Planning to Cut Back This Holiday Season Without a Second Stimulus Check

You decide . . .


  1. The check will come when President Trump is sworn in to his second term.

    1. ^^^

      So, never is what you're saying.


    2. Absolutely sure that the greater evidence simply points to Mayor Quinton's incompetence.

  2. Another cares act is the reverse mortgage of the U.S. economy. It sounds nice but it'll just mean more heartache.

  3. Buy gold or silver before Biden is inaugurated, if you can. The pandemic is a walk in the park compared to the economic catastrophe that awaits us all.

  4. You can't fix stupid. Democrats are brain dead, pompous morons who should never be in charge of anything.

  5. covid stimulus ain't the answer. Sorry.

  6. I'm sure, just like Pelosi, Lightfoot, Cuomo, Newsome et al, that the Mayor will stay home and quarantine.

    The San Francisco Chronicle reported:

    Although the coronavirus pandemic has largely grounded the global travel industry, it did not stop the annual political conference that brings California lawmakers to Hawaii for five days of policy discussions and schmoozing with corporate sponsors.

    The conference, which has been hosted by the Independent Voter Project every November for more than a decade, is taking place this week at the Fairmont Kea Lani on Maui’s southwest shore.

    Democrats are liars, hypocrites and thieves.

  7. we all know q prefers lawrence bars to kc. It's finally proven that he hates the city where he is mayor.

  8. I’ve been telling people all along that the boy blunder is gambling with peoples lives praying to god the feds save his ass with a multi million dollar check, it ain’t rocket science people, dimwits are so predictable.

  9. ^^^ sad but true.

  10. Where are the nurse tic tok videos?

  11. Mayor McDrinkerson! The wannabe do-nothing dictator of cowtown.

  12. Blame Trump. He has done nothing since January! He washed his hands of the virus and let Americans to pay the price for his failures. He has had a stimulus bill on his desk since May and has done nothing! Now he tweets out do a stimulus, the bigger the better?? What? The republicans of this country have shafted Americans as they always do! Thank God for Joe Biden!

  13. His royal highness, Mayor Q-ball, does not care about the little people at all. If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind as to that this latest decree should erase that. Let them eat cake is his response to concerns about the peasants not being able to afford bread.

  14. 8:23 what was he to do shut everything down?????? Fucktards like you would have been screaming bloody murder if he had.

    Trump has no such bill at all your loser friends AKA Democrats in the house ain't done shit to get another stimulus package to the Senate.

    Funny how the democrats fuck everything up then blame Trump.

  15. ^^yea, 235,000 Americans dead on Trump's watch, but that's not his fault. Try again CHUD. That's why we threw his punk-ass out of office. Face it, you backed a liar, con-man, and a moron. America righted that wrong on election night, and we will finally have competent people in office on January 20th!

  16. ^^^ China flu joe will have more deaths on his hands in half the time so.....

  17. 9:44 more trump,votes found! It’s starting to look real bad for ole sleepy joe!

  18. ^^and yet it's not. Out on January 20th. Told you so. Weird.


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