Kansas City Royals Will Still Suck 2021

This season was a wash and so many new "owners" have resulted in leadership vacuum that condemns the team to yet another mediocre season.

Here's confirmation as fans will likely have to wait another 25 years for World Series glory . . .

Don't expect an active offseason for the Royals

For the last several years, it's been sort of impossible to predict the which way the winds of free agency will blow. Will it be an all-out spending frenzy? Or will austerity rule the day? Given these Uncertain Economic Times, it's probably a decent guess that we will see the latter.


  1. This is just not so.
    I expect the Royals to do well!
    Look for between 45-50 times thy beat their opponents!

    Even if the crowd size increases... to say 1,000 per game... look for the Royals to possibly entice bikers on the new bike path that goes to Arrowhead to come for a few inning with such amenities such as:

    1. Paying them $50 to watch- Collected from the additional 2% earnings tax
    2. Free Gatorade and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches
    3. Half off their next virtual bike ride
    4. Free chunk of metal from the toy train after its scrapped due to budget and zero ridership
    5. Coupons to open restaurants in Johnson County as none open in KC.
    6. Cans of Fix-a-flat
    7. Rebates from former KC Star employees forced to pay wages - due to additional taxes assigned from
    Previous years... a liberal-bias tax. Missourians will be able to vote on this. Anyone who ever worked their ever... including mostly op-Ed writers... will be forced to liquidate most net worth.

    With all these enticements- expect huge crowds at the baseball stadium... maybe up to 2,000 people.

    If the move the stadium downtown- maybe a perfect location would be where the star building is now.

    Although no one would show up- they can extend the bike path to downtown and entice more bikers. What a great city!

  2. ^^It is a fantastic city and the Royals are a treasure. The new downtown stadium will be magnificent! Progress!! It can't be stopped!


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