Saturday, November 14, 2020

Kansas City Restaurants Struggle To Survive During 'Darkest Days' Of COVID-19 Pandemic

Quick peek at local offerings amid harsh times as new places replace recently shut down establishments and every biz copes with staying alive during the toughest part of the global plague.

Here's the rundown . . .

What's new in Kansas City food and drink this month

Photo courtesy of Cosmo BurgerThe Waldo Shuffle Things are changing quickly in the Waldo neighborhood. Louie's Wine Dive is permanently closed, but a new Italian spot is opening just up the street. Jovito's Italian Café & Deli is a red sauce Italian staple out south and is moving into the heart of the city with a small new shop that's...


Anonymous said...

Strip's Chicken kicks ass and is cheap.

Go with your wife and order the Chicken sammy and 3 chicken strips. Killer chow, only $14.00. You split it, it is a ton of food.

The pork sammy is average, stick with the chicken.

Jovito's has a really tasty Italian Beef. It is NOT like most Italian Beef Sammys, that - by the way, I love (The best Italian Beef in the United States of America, is NOT in Chicago, but at 103rd and Pflumm at a really stupid looking place, called "Pizza Man" - it is what it is.).

Jovito's Italian Beef accentuates the Italian taste you get from pasta dishes vis a vis the Roast Beef taste you get from most Italian Beef sammys and they pull it off with flair!

It's very tasty.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna try that Cosmo burger, it looks good.

Anonymous said...

Of course these places are going to struggle Lucas wants the close you down. He's too stupid to see what is going on in the world and just follows what everyone else does. He's so clueless it's sickening.

Anonymous said...

^^^ He is an idiot.