Kansas City Public Radio Reports Local Progressives 'Bummed' That Nobody Really Likes Biden Amid Red State Heartland

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, now that the Democratic Party is prepared to take the White House, they've pouting because half the country seems to totally disagree and doubt their leadership or lack thereof.

Take a listen to whispered NPR whining . . .

Another 2020 Bummer Is Leaving Kansas Citians Stressed Over A Still-Unfinished Election

As the presidential campaigns keep an eye on vote counts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and other swing states, many people at Truman Corners Mall in Grandview, Missouri, say they have had it with politics. "I'm sick of it - sick of all of them," says David Chiarelli of Belton, Missouri.


  1. Why would anybody like dementia joe? He has no redeeming qualities and spent 47 years as a senator doing nothing, you know like the cleave.

    By the way, I hear they’re getting the bunker ready at the White House for basement joe for when he calls his daily lids at 8:00am. It’s really better that way for peelousy and shoema. It’s like obummer says, don’t underestimate joes ability to fuck things up!

  2. Bummed? Bullshit! Trump lost. Biden won. I couldn’t be happier!


  3. Be specific with your claims, I’ve asked you a dozen times what are you locking “him” up for exactly? Depraved joe gonna be locked up for the pay to play money scams he’s been involved in since he was Vice President if he doesn’t get the 25th amendment or impeached first.

    The next four years are gonna be fun! Hi, I’m joe Obama and I’m running from the law! Hahahahaha,

  4. The Left would have been better off with the Bern. You would not have the endless wars in the Middle East over Oil. You would have your student loans reduced. No universal health care that was so the Burn,can get elected. I Stated this would happen. The Globalist and World Order want Trump out .With Hillary and Nancy
    PLANED THIS. ITS THE KANSAS CITY SHUFFLE. THEY dumped Sleepy JOE ballets by the hundreds of thousands early this morning .

  5. Truth is Trump supporters are sicko's

  6. If Biden won fairly, I wouldn’t like it, but I would deal with it. But there’s something rotten in Denmark. If Dems are confident in their victory, they will have no issue with certain states’ votes being audited.

  7. Biden took 4 counties in Missouri and 5 in Kansas. Learn from your mistakes or STFU. You've been told over and over where you are going wrong and don't want to hear it. We don't care anymore. Funny how Biden is a flag waiver now isn't it? Don't you guys hate flag waivers?

  8. I will spend my next four years shoving it up Biden’s ass. He’ll be dead in two and the Simp, Kameltoe, will take his place. It will be the worse shit show the
    country has seen. The Democratic Party will be in splinters in 4 years. The ugly the Libs have put out will come back to haunt them.


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