Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Kansas City Political 'Head Check' After Vote

One of our heroes, hottie Brit has been very honest with fans about her mental state . . . Similarly, we respect this report that allows locals to acknowledge their feelings after the big vote that's still going on and on and on . . . Read more:

'Political fatigue is real': Mental health experts give advice on how to avoid stress from 2020 election

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Mental health experts are warning that the grueling 2020 Presidential Election and now the pending results of who won is taking a toll on some Americans. As demonstrators rallied at Mill Creek Park Wednesday night, calling for every vote to be counted in the election, more businesses boarded up their shops [...]


Bandit said...

Mental health problems in Kansas Shitty? That can't be! It's a utopia! There's a toy train and a new airport under construction. Ignore the homicides, crime, unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, closed businesses, boarded up buildings, etc., etc. etc. ALL IS WELL!!! 😏🙄🍿

Do I miss the place? HELL NO! Would I move back with a tax abatement and cash bonus? ARE YOU FRIGGIN' CRAZY? Have fun fixing that mess! Not my problem!

Anonymous said...

yes, there's a problem and the reason is alcoholism. The stuff alters dna, then mating time comes around and thus short wire brained babies are born.

after a few generations things are a mess, no matter the race.