Kansas City Petition Activist Claims Election Fraud & Shares Prez Trump Juxtaposition

Of course we respect Mr. Chastain because he's the only guy to ever get a citywide rail petition passed. 

However, we're not sure if the Trump comparison fits given that Clay Chastain also ranked behind a homeless guy in a mayoral election not so long ago.

Nevertheless, his latest message deserves consideration . . .

"Trump & Chastain battle election corruption in behalf of We the People."

** Evidence continues to ooze to the surface, like toxic bubbles, that manipulation of mail in ballots is the source of poisoning that put Biden ahead of Trump in the Presidential election.

** Evidence continues to foul the air, like a toxic dump, that manipulation of a petition is the source of poisoning that has enabled City Hall to ignore placing Chastain's petition on the ballot.

And the similarities between Trump & Chastain don't end there....

1. Trump is up against the establishment.  Chastain is up against the establishment
The establishment poured billions into trying to smear Trump, oust Trump and defeat Trump's reelection. The establishment poured millions into trying to smear Chastain, oust Chastain's 2006 light rail election victory and defeat Chastain's subsequent petition challenges.

2. Trump is up against the MSM. Chastain is up against the MSM.
In trying to undermine President Trump, the liberal MSM has become a biased news commentator, not an unbiased news reporter. In trying to undermine Chastain, the liberal MSM has become a biased silent watchdog, not an independent barking one.

3. Trump & Chastain have taken their fights to the courts.

Trump is seeking to present evidence that there was voter fraud in the Presidential election and that it was widespread, disenfranchised America's voters and altered the election's outcome. Chastain is seeking to present evidence that City Hall's arbitrary refusal to place a valid petition on the ballot is flagrantly selective, an act of malfeasance against the public trust and a discriminatory action against the people's Constitutionally-protected right to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

Kansas City Community Activist, Clay Chastain


You decide . . .


  1. Here's chuck's big chance to demonstrate openly how insane he is.

  2. ^^^you just blew your chance to prove that you aren’t. Blaming chuck for your mental problems is proof that you’re nutz. Extreme violent left wing nutz.

  3. 9:24: Good point. TKC brought up a good point: Who is more crazy--Trump or Chastain, but as you point out Chuck could be a contendah!

  4. I will repeat what I said before.

    The fraud in the 2020 election is so blatant, overwhelming and obvious, that regular people, who accidentally stumble into the truth, must wonder, 1) "Is this real? How did things get so bad?" Then, 2) "Do these traitors/political operatives even care if the public is aware?" Finally, 3) "This is actually very scary."

    They/we should be scared.

    The corruption is endemic, emetic and granular. The evidence of the "steal" is obvious now, even to those with a cursory interest in politics, but, in the coming weeks, it will be unmistakable to even we unwashed masses. I have read Powell's documents and although I am no lawyer, they are compelling. Witness testimony, time lines, video, audio, pictures, sworn affidavits/witness testimony, expert testimony from Computer experts which show NOT statistical anomalies, but statistical IMPOSSIBILITIES. I can imagine, Sidney Powell must visit some of these Quislings in their dreams and they think, as they slither through the day, that she might, just might, be standing right behind them.

    The truth about this election, like Hunter Biden's laptop, is currently suppressed and hidden by Big Tech, the MSM (Including FOX) and your local and national politicians. The "Narrative" continues and the pretense that all is well and that Biden will be inaugurated on Jan. 20 to the hosanna's of Americans everywhere is preposterous. If Biden is sworn in, it will be a shameful ceremony, watched by a majority of Americans, including Democrats, who know the election and the new president are fraudulent, all made possible by the usual suspects/criminals, the legacy media, the Deep State and the DNC, who, in conjunction with foreign interference, aided and abetted his ascendance.

    "Though those that are betray'd Do feel the treason sharply, yet the traitor stands in worse case of woe."

    And here in America, we all shall know.

  5. The hearings yesterday in Pa. were the precursor to the "Kraken" coda, midnight lawsuit from Sidney Powell that will be remembered as a watershed moment, appropriately timed, in the dark of night, which will awaken even more citizens to the Vichy traitors in our country and foreign governments who usurped the will of the electorate in the most egregious sin against the American people, since the Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution.

    The expected stock responses, hue and cry from the pitiless dominion of morons in the 4th Estate will continue, but the worm will turn. The phony demand for "evidence" will escalate in the face of voluminous amounts of same, that will be ignored. More and more average every day Americans will be, assuaged and assured that indeed, there IS evidence of election fraud incontrovertible, irrevocable and categorical but, the gas lighting, wailing and gnashing of teeth will continue, from the traitors and criminals who seek cover in lies, deception and legerdemain. The truth will out and Americans will see, that they were euchred out of their votes. Progressive, presdigitational slight of hand BS will fall short and the outcome, is somewhat predictable.

    If Biden survives to Jan 20th, he will ascend to the presidency, ironically, with the approval of our sworn enemy, China, yet, not with the "Mandate Of Heaven". Never has a more empty suit, gutted and spit on the pike of public opprobrium ever been seated in the Oval Office. The DNC is not populated with idiots and behind the scenes, DEMOCRATS will manipulate the media to incite the impeachment of the president they just put into office (The Hunter Biden Laptop is IN PLAY!). While gravely shaking their collective heads at the unfairness of the entire episode and blaming it on right wing conspiracies, they will force Joe into retirement (Health reasons, no doubt.) with the threat of Impeachment (You can keep your ill gotten Chinese and world wide "pay for play" money Joe".). Then with 3 1/2 years to apotheosize Kamal Harris and rehabilitate the Democrat Party's reputation (Americans have short memories.) they will "Sergeant Shultz" the hell out of the situation and return to calling us all racists in hopes of victory in 2024.

    If Trump should somehow overcome this plot, then, cities will burn at the behest of the heretofore mentioned forces, allied against the American people (The 4th Estate, the Deep State, the DNC/BLM/AntiFa triumvirate.).

    Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, but, I think, at this point, the American Ship Of State is damaged below the water line and listing hard to starboard.

    1. opprobrium
      1: something that brings disgrace
      2a: public disgrace or ill fame that follows from conduct considered grossly wrong or vicious
      Collaborators with the enemy did not escape the opprobrium of the townspeople.
      The bombing of the church was met with widespread opprobrium.

  6. 9:24 you got chuck and bandit living rent free in your empty worthless head don’t you!

  7. Chuck, your guy lost. Get over it. Move on. Find a hobby. Anything. It's over.

  8. Here is how corrupt, that I believe this election was.

    You see here, on this blog, Jimmy Fitz and Mo Rage posted on a regular basis.

    Now I disagree with both of them on policy, politics and world view for certain. But they are not stupid. The "Chud" guy reflects the mindless opposition of ideas that are anathema to not only the truth, but, an assault on his/her ego. Their identity and who they believe they are. Intellectually unable to alter their opinion, by way of their insecurities and linear thinking, they can't countenance opinions other than the ones they have learned by rote at the feet of Alinsky loving professors and the Main Stream Media. There are no hearts and minds to win here, these folks are genetically unable to, at least in the short term, think for themselves.

    Jimmy and Mo, are no where near stupid and, no, I don't think they would admit it, but THEY KNOW THIS ELECTION WAS A FRAUD AND THE FIX WAS IN.

    You don't have to be really brilliant to understand and comprehend the not the statistical anomalies, but the STATISTICAL IMPOSSIBILITIES of the fraud that took place, under the cover of darkness, in the middle of the night on Nov 3rd.

    I have done yeoman's work, laying it out there for you, but I can't make you smarter.

    It is what it is. People with above room temp IQ know it and it will be exposed like it or not.

    1. "You don't have to be really brilliant"

      Well you've got that covered

  9. Chuck, why should we believe you on any of this? Because you read some shit on the internet? All the adults have said this election is legit. The only one's who aren't are Trump and his lackeys who for some unbeknownst reason continue to kiss his ass.

  10. Not a fucking shred of evidence that would hold up in any court in the whole fucking country. But keep making your claims trumptard cult members. Maybe Trump can petition for a change of venue to a Russian court or something?

  11. 10:45 Yeah, sure and if you click your heels together it will all come true.

    It was stolen, you know it, I know it, we all know it.

  12. ^^and yet it wasn't stolen..there would be actual proof. None of which has been given to the courts so... Weird.

    1. Well if you stopped jacking off to Rachel Maddow every evening and started looking at other sources of news, maybe you'd see the proof? Everyone one on TKC knows if Rachel isn't on you still drool at the thought of Anderson Cooper pile driving your poop chute.

  13. Not a fucking shred of fucking evidence. Period.

    Sorry Trumptards, you and your cult leader can't just say into existence. Not how the real world works.

    1. Sorry, even about 40 percent of Democrats believe the election was an attempted steal.

      Watching you get triggered as the reality sets in is precious though. ;)

  14. In the middle of the night, 572,000 votes come in for Biden from a Republican precinct, but only 3,200 for Trump.

    We are not going to just "Move along".

    It was stolen.

  15. The New York Times ran this weekend, "How Democrats Suffered Crushing Down-Ballot Losses Across America." The story -- and that is what all political reporting is, stories -- would have you believe that 12 million Americans were so angry with Drumpf that they spent hours in line to votes against him, and then they turned around and voted a straight-ticket Republican ballot.

    We know what happened.

    All the signs point to a Trump Landslide.

    Democrats would have you believe Michiganders and Pennsylvanians were so angry with President Donald John Trump that they voted him out -- but voted Republicans in down the ballot.

    If so, why did Ohio not flip? President Trump carried Ohio by 8 points in 2016, and by 8 points again in 2020.

    Biden and company campaigned their hearts out in Florida. President Trump carried it by 3 after carrying it by 1.2 points in 2016.

  16. Benjamin Franklin described Chastian in Poor Richards Almanac: "I met a man who could name a horse in seven languages, but bought a cow to ride.":

  17. Wow 11:26, fucking riveting stuff man. Have you tried in that court yet? If you do, it most certainly will over turn this election. I mean, if rumors and innuendos count as evidence, it's fucking slam dunk. Make sure you reach out to the Trumptard legal defense squad.


  18. 11:21 - well fuck me. better bring that to the Trumptard legal defense squad.

    Your explanation will most certainly put a bow on this case and the fraud will be known.

    Go seek some mental counseling you fucking retard.

    1. Getting under your skin!! Lol


  19. In AZ there was a non English speaking homeless man who voted, and a poll watcher from LA CA who admitted to being there to turn AZ blue and turned away republican voters. Looks like some of CA trash flew into AZ to mess with the votes.
    We aren't going to stand for this.

  20. Hey Trumptards, maybe you can take your "evidence" to the Arizona Hyatt Regency for a hearing and if you're denied there, you could appeal it to the Supreme Courtyard Marriott or something?

    Fucking idiots. How's it feel to be the punchline of a joke?

    1. You mean like every time China Joe opens his demented mouth? Lol

  21. Better get that evidence into the Arizona Hyatt Regency 1:32. Hurry!

  22. I don't know if you guys are aware of this or not but Trump kinda lies and makes shit up and the people who are riding this out with him....they're doing the same thing.

  23. Thanks for proving my point chuck.


    (I knew you would)

  24. ^^Huh? Speak English geezer. Are you stroking out? Hope so.

  25. 3:35 - Sorry, even about 40 percent of blah, fucking blah, your fucking guy fucking lost so get the fuck on.....LOSERS. Hey, hear about that $3m recount dipshit's campaign paid for in WI, Biden picked up more votes. So what's the conspiracy there losers?

    How much have you fucking schnooks kicked in to Trump's election fraud legal team/campaign debt retirement fund? Did he promise you a personal text or an email from Jr. for your support. Goddamn you muther fuckers are the easiest fucking marks on the planet.

    Bunch of fucking losers.

  26. hey 3:36, even demented Joe took Diaper Don to the fucking woodshed. it doesn't take much to win though when the opposing candidate is as inept and useless as they come. Now go change Trump's diaper and wipe his ass for him loser.

  27. Here's a quick sample for the Trumptards on the farce that is the Trump team bringing weak ass lawsuits. In a Michigan lawsuit one of Sydney Powell's witnesses says there was something fishy about election returns in Edison County, MI. Which, interestingly enough, is a fucking county that doesn't actually exist......fucking anywhere in the US.

    But carry on Trumptards. Never changes and be sure to signify your crazy, conspiracy laden asses in public so we can all shun you like you should be.


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