Thursday, November 05, 2020

Kansas City Organized Crime Legacy Glamorized For Delight Of Couch Potatoes

Fargo is a great series but it's just TV . . . The dialogue is punchy, the acting is fantastic and this note chronicles amazing set design . . . But let's not forget that subject matter pays dramatic homage to common killers, gangsters and scumbags who had plenty of character but don't really deserves too many fond memories from entire communities who still endure the legacy of the vice and corruption they inflicted on entire communities.

Check-it . . .

How 'Fargo' Resurrects the Underworld of 1950 Kansas City

Fargo is driven primarily by its zany characters, but of course they are a product of their environment (or maybe the other way around), and someone with a particular mindset has to create that setting.


Anonymous said...

Another stupid show that pretends blacks are and were so wonderful and probably taught the Italians all they know about the "Black Hand".


Please, please put more black people on TV. It's all you see. Did the black people in this show take Vibranium and outsmart the Italians?

This is just as stupid as that Red Tail movie where we all got to pretend that black people won WWII.

Anonymous said...


still more successful than a white loser like you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Excited to watch Fargo

KC Mob been running shit for so long a show about Pendergast is well overdue but I'll take what I can get and will check this out for sure