Monday, November 16, 2020

Kansas City November Back To The Grind


This is probably the last week wherein the middle-class pretend to work their b.s. jobs from home and then whine about how they’re nervous for the remainder of the dreadful Winter ahead.

Meanwhile, we take a moment of respite in the promo hotness of Josie as we check pop culture, community news and top headlines. 

Doc Urges Vaxx Diversity

Meet The Kansas City Doctor Who Wants Black And Latino Volunteers For A Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

It's good news that pharmaceutical company Pfizer has developed a highly-effective vaccine for the coronavirus. But, one of Kansas City's leading infectious disease experts, Dr. Barbara Pahud, says it may also keep some people from volunteering for other vaccine trials currently underway.

MSM Shares Scare Tactics

COVID-19 survivor reflects as KCMO Mayor will unveil new guidelines

KANSAS CITY, MO. - On the eve of Mayor Quinton Lucas announcing new guidelines to contain the spread of COVID-19, he described it this as the toughest moment since the virus came into the Kansas City community. "Some people take it as a joke. It's not a joke, people are dying.

Kegger Seems Confident

Travis Kelce Makes Bold Prediction on Chiefs' Second Half Record

The Kansas City Chiefs (8-1) may be enjoying a well-timed bye week on Sunday, but TE Travis Kelce is not mincing words despite trailing the Pittsburgh Steelers (8-0) for the best record in the NFL. "I think we're the most dominant team in the National Football League."

Focus On Fashion

Josephine Skriver flaunts her svelte physique and peachy derrière

Josephine Skriver sizzles in a new Victoria's Secret lingerie campaign in images released by the brand. The Danish stunner, 27, is seen in snaps flaunting her phenomenal physique, working all angles for the camera. Josephine poses in one snap in a busty black vest and lacy knickers, her caramel tresses tumbling around her shoulders.

Vaxx Spikes Stocks

US stocks poised for new records after Moderna says vaccine is 94.5% effective

US stocks were poised to hit new record highs on Monday after Moderna said that its experimental Covid-19 vaccine is highly effective, heralding another breakthrough in the fight against coronavirus that could eventually help the world's biggest economies recover from deep recessions.

Prez Trump Double Take

Obama compares Trump to dictator who suppresses journalists, after his own admin targeted reporters

Former President Barack Obama on Sunday compared President Trump to a dictator who suppresses journalists - even though his own administration's tainted record on press freedom included once secretly monitoring reporters, including Fox News. Obama made the comparison during an appearance on CBS' "60 Minutes," with host Scott Pelley.

COVID Blame Game Cont’d

Analysis: Trump's failure to work with Biden is becoming more urgent as Covid spreads

President Donald Trump is facing a barrage of calls to permit potentially life-saving transition talks between his health officials and incoming President-elect Joe Biden's aides on a fast-worsening pandemic he is continuing to ignore in his obsessive effort to discredit an election that he clearly lost.

China Stays Winning

China is not an 'expansionist empire' as the West claims, state media says after signing of mega trade deal

The signing of the world's largest trade deal proves that China is not the "expansionist empire" that the U.S. and some Western countries have made it out to be, said Chinese state-backed tabloid Global Times.

Progressive Man On Man Stalker Comedy Celebrated

Adam Driver Angrily Confronts John Oliver Over His \Come-Ons

During Sunday night's season finale of Last Week Tonight, after spending a considerable amount of time talking about just how dangerous Trump's election-fraud lies are, host John Oliver addressed his year-long obsession with a certain Oscar-nominated actor. "And of course, I spent the whole year demanding that Adam Driver demolish me.

More New Rules Debut

Local sports league continues playing with new safety rules in place

OLATHE, Kan. - Right now, some area school districts are still deciding what to do with winter sports like basketball. Sports leagues around Kansas City are facing the same questions, with some holding off until 2021. That's not the case for Great American Basketball League in Johnson County.

Turkey Giveaway Adapts

Even though the turkey drive will look different this year, The Know Joey Foundation still wants to help families

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For more than a decade, The Know Joey Foundation has organized a turkey drive that takes place Thanksgiving week. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, things will look different this year. "It's going to look extremely different. This year our primary focus is we have to make this whole contactless event," Know [...]

Weather Outlook For Now

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Coats in hand to begin your Monday. Mostly sunny and highs near 63 today.

Bully - Where To Start is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


Anonymous said...

Hey now.

Trump need to hand over the keys to the White House so that Joe can give them to China.

Anonymous said...

Trump needs to uncurl from the ball on the floor, take his thumb out of his mouth, pull up his diaper, and act like he's at least seven years old.

Anonymous said...

That'll put him on equal terms with the Alzheimer's patient you voted for.

Anonymous said...

Poor ole dementia joe. Obummer famously said “never underestimate joes ability to fuck things up” this will be the nicest thing anybody will ever say about China joe over the next worst four years of our lives.

Remember, he’s not my president because he is an illegitimate president.

Anonymous said...

^^remember nobody cares if he's your president CHUD, you don't matter. He's America's president and there's nothing anyone can do to change that. should get it now.

Anonymous said...

^^^ remember dumb dumb, he’s illegitimate and he’s going to federal prison for his crimes so you wasted your time, effort and vote on prisoner #46! How does it feel to be so incredibly stupid! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Illegitimate joe! I like it!

Anonymous said...

Prisoner #46, that’s a good one!!!

Anonymous said...

As usual Obama has his index finger raised to test which way the wind is blowing. Whenever it changes he "evolves."

Anonymous said...

Will prisoner #46 have conjugal visits with his sister wife! He won’t be able to hook up with underage boys and girls in the pen, he will however make a fine wife for bubba! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Travis Kelce need to sober up before speaking out his ass.

Anonymous said...

Obummer will evolve in the direction of wherever the money comes from. Biggest failure for the American people this country has evar seen,

Anonymous said...

8:39 right after Big Ben does amirite!

Anonymous said...

Memo to Barry Obama:

Shut your fucking pie hole, you piece of shit.
Go get Moochelle to ream out your poop chute with that big johnson of hers.

Anonymous said...

Illegitimate, yet, will be POTUS come 1/20 regardless of what you fucking kooks think. Oh, and he's not going to prison either, just like every other Dem you fucking morons said was going to prison. You guys are like 0 for whatever. You ever gonna learn?

Tell Trump to change the diaper, take a bump of Adderall and be a big boy and concede. He fucking lost regardless of what he and the rest of you weirdo Q fucks think.

Reality is here, deal with it.

Anonymous said...

^^memo to you: He's a two-term president of the United States, winner of the Nobel Peace price, beloved by hundreds of millions of people around the world. You? You're here. You failed at everything you've ever done. He can say what ever wants, people will listen. When you open your maw, people walk away. That's the difference CHUD. Learn it, know it, live it! Shinebox...come get it.

Anonymous said...

Monkeyboy chimpchelle, rumor is she has a big ole Johnson and the fake dr Jill Biden jealous because she has a tiny 2 1/2” weenie!

The fake dr Jill and chimpchelle are seriously ugly.

Anonymous said...

8:54 so what, Hitler was loved as well and look what he did to the world.

Anonymous said...

LOL 8:54 just got knocked the fuck out

Anonymous said...

8:52 if I had a dime for every time you extreme left wing nut job conspiracy theorist crooks said Trumps going to prison I’d be a millionaire a hundred times over amirite! Damn you people are stupid and gullible! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

8:52 just got knocked the finicky out!

Stay down dummy, you’re pea brain can’t handle even the slightest bitch slap from your sissy boi lover! Lmao!

Anonymous said...

Let's see, Trump lost the popular vote twice, got impeached, and was a one-term wonder. Obama won the popular vote twice, landslides both times, won the Nobel prize, was a tremendous father and husband, at least he didn't raw-dog porn stars while his Russian-whore of a wife was pregnant. Obama was never married three-times, never dodged the draft five-times, nevel called dead soldiers losers & suckers, never shit-mouthed Gold Star families, and never disrespect our military. Obama showed the world his income taxes, never declared bankruptcy multiple times like Trump did , and does not face criminal prosecution once he left office like Trump will. Think I'll go with Obama.

Anonymous said...

@9:02-Whats knocked the fincky out??!! You stupid dumb-fuck! You can't even copy somebody else's work correctly! Old people are so fucking dumb, dude, you just got knocked the fuck out!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

^^ha! 9:02 just got his geezer head caved in! He tried to run snark, but is so fucking dumb, he can't even do that!!! Worthless CHUD. You just got run!

Anonymous said...

I guess Obama was re-elected instead of Joe Biden if you watch the main stream media.

Enjoy higher taxes and higher crime and the offshoring of American jobs to COMMUNIST China.

Don't bitch if you lose your job to a lower wage illegal immigrant if you voted for Joe Biden.

The Marxist Media's propaganda took advantage of the uneducated voter to vote for Joe Biden who will damage their livelihood and family.

The Media's mantra of "Trump is a White Supremist" apparently worked with minority voters and now those same voters will suffer the consequences.

Trump has hired thousands of minority men and women over his career providing them a job and benefits.

Joe Biden has off-shored millions of high paying American manufacturing jobs with benefits to Communist China over his 47 political career; negatively impacting minorities.

Wall Street and the global billionaire elites that funded Biden's campaign are laughing all the way to the bank !

Anonymous said...

Oh poor, poor geezer at 9:02-you try so hard to be funny, copying someone else's work, but like all geriatric fucktards on here, you end up fucking everything up! Bless your retarded little heart! LOL!

MDSF said...

....listen to the 'snivelin' whinin' blubberin'
...Run his goddamn ass out of town, with all his slobberin' monkeys......
...put a .45 to 45's head and pull trigger and watch the shit fly out his ass!!!
...He lost, and so did all his worthless more Jaredmonkey, no more Ivankamonkey, no more dingwinger fuckin' Malaria!!! No more Tiffucky....and NO MO' BARRON!!!
Back to the SWAMP they all came from!!!!!
.......get your spoons out, he's pullin'
down his panties....


Anonymous said...

whoa whoa whoa. Trumptards, Biden will take over 1/20. Not a single Dem will be arrested for shit. These are facts. Get used to it.

As far as Trump goes, the real place to keep an eye on is the SDNY. That's a state issue. No one can save Trump from them. And he's not, shall I say, liked in NY. Everyone there knew he was full of shit and a full time grifter. The rest of you rubes thought he was something special because he was on a reality TV show.

Anonymous said...

^^^ still but hurt after all these years, your butts still gonna hurt the next four years too. Get used to it, after China joe becomes prisoner #46, commie harris will have charges brought against her and she will be prisoner #46.5! Looking forward to those mugshots! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Commie Harris will get out early for being a “special friend” (blowjobs) of the warden if you know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

Dementia China joe and a whore for Vice President, wow, this is an all time low but obummer is happy now, these two embarrassments nudged him up to the second worst!

Anonymous said...

9:37 hittin the crack pipe/OANN/Infowars good shit today. Funny. No one has been or is getting arrested for shit. Carry on with your retarded/conspiracy filled life.

Anonymous said...

Even Fox News is slapping down Trump's fucking ridiculous lies about voter fraud. That's gonna leave a mark. Wonder what kind of bomb's Rupert is going to drop if, and that's a big if, Trump actually tries to start his own competing network. Doing that would take entirely too much money, intelligence and planning. Way out of Trump's capabilities.

Damn All Marxists said...


Damn All Marxists said...

You sure know how to pick a bugger.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Damn All Marxists said...

Still President until noon 1/20/2021 and maybe for another 4 years??

Anonymous said...

^^^ the odds are in trumps favor especially with China dark winter joe going to jail soon and all.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet he's out on January 20th, and in jail by July 4th!! God bless America!

Anonymous said...

So is China joe and his crime family, he’ll be prisoner #46 in Leavenworth soon enough!

The Biden Cancer Initiative was founded in 2017 by the former vice president and his wife, Jill Biden, to “develop and drive implementation of solutions to accelerate progress in cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, research and care and to reduce disparities in cancer outcomes,” according to its IRS mission statement. But it gave out no grants in its first two years, and spent millions on the salaries of former Washington, DC, aides it hired.

The charity took in $4,809,619 in contributions in fiscal years 2017 and 2018, and spent $3,070,301 on payroll in those two years. The group’s president, Gregory Simon, raked in $429,850 in fiscal 2018 (July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019), according to the charity’s most recent federal tax filings.

Bandit said...

Aww shucks! KC has lost the NCAA in 2021. Q Ball can't even keep college b-ball LMMFRAO!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^and yet they're playing ALL the tournament games in Indianapolis for pandemic reasons you stupid fucktard. It returns to KC in 2022. Ignorant cocksucker. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Oh bless Bandit's poor little retarded head. He tries so hard to be contrarian(big word, look it up dummy) but ALWAYS ends up getting his head caved in! LOL!

Bandit said...

It isn't revenue out of my pocket. Indy beats the hell out of KC. 😏🍿

Anonymous said...

the sweet Josie pics make up for the repulsive, nauseating, abhorrent photo of that Commie scumbag Obammy.

Fair and balanced reporting on TKC!

Bandit said...

A Homo habilis discovering his opposable thumbs says what Q Ball?

The new rules are as follows:

All indoor gatherings are limited to 10 people maximum.

Restaurants, taverns, and all other venues, including wedding and other event spaces, shall close at 10 p.m., require social distancing between different parties, and limit the number of occupants indoors to no more than 50 percent of building occupancy.

Indoor and outdoor patrons at these facilities must be seated, and also masked at all times except when actively eating or drinking. Indoor and outdoor parties are limited to a maximum of 10 people and parties shall be spaced with no less than six feet of distance between themselves and individuals from any other parties.

Restaurants, taverns, and bars must immediately report known COVID-19 cases to the Kansas City Health Department.

Masks must be worn in all indoor spaces with more than one person per room, and outdoor spaces where social distancing cannot be maintained.

Patrons of gyms, fitness, and recreational centers, including city, school, and other publicly-owned and managed facilities are required to wear masks at all times, and these establishments are limited to no more than 50 percent capacity.


Good luck enforcing it!

Anonymous said...

Since the nineties killer kc has based everything they do on what Indy is doing or has done, there isn’t one person smart enough at city hall to do anything but what everybody else is doing.

Damn All Marxists said...

It's Trans awareness week. Please be aware that if you have a dick, you're not a woman.

Anonymous said...

I am a Republican. But am shocked at Trump's orange face! I mean what is going on? Can someone tell him he looks like a pumpkin! I think this is embarrassing that digital videos and images of him will be saved and shown for 100's of years in the future and kids will ask why he is orange? Its not tan. Its not a outdoors healthy look. It looks like someone with advanced organ failure to me. I mean what the heck? And his Press Sec. Blondy MaNannny is getting orange too. Her eyes are spaced further apart than any woman I have ever seen. Is this a circus side show?

Anonymous said...

Obama did have two historic accomplishments. First, he won the Nobel Peace Prize without actually doing anything to earn it (unless "being black" is "doing something).

Second, he got the ACA passed, although he did have to tell the lie of the year, per Politifact, to get that done.

Other than that, he was a carbuncle on the buttock of this nation for eight years.

Bandit said...

Obama is a big eared, racist, shit stain on history period.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet he was a two-termed president, not impeached, won the popular vote in a landslide twice, won a Nobel peace Price, is a best selling author, universally admired, and matters while you post on here all day. Sorry loser. He wins, you lose every day. You knew that though.

Bandit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bandit said...

Woohoo. His most notable achievement is being black, clean and articulate while reading a teleprompter. That's a storybook man! πŸ™„

Anonymous said...

^^and yet it STILL Beats anything you've ever done! Weird!

Bandit said...

You believe whatever you want to believe. Impressing you isn't on my to do list.

Anonymous said...

Well being a Republican I am glad for Obamacare. Layed off at 55, and with a 4 year degree in Econ from Rockhurst, I needed health insurance. I pay $100 per month for great insurance including dental. Much cheaper than Cobra. Much less than what I paid at my former employer. It works for me!

Thanks Obama!

Anonymous said...

Both Presidential candidates could be much better. Where are the genius level young people with leadership skills? The dynamic, sharp, creative and respected ones? Well since Kennedy, Nixon, Ford disgraced the Whitehouse - they dont want to be politicians. Not at any price.

So they started Tesla, Amazon, Facebook and never looked back.

Only losers are left to be our political leaders. They WILL send your sons and daughters to their deaths in war without a thought! Just watch! War solved all previous depressions!

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck acted like they were going to run me over in their black muscle car with tinted windows!!!!

Anonymous said...

i been crossing roads like a mexican street dog for decades!!

Anonymous said...

Rememeber the girl that ate a candy pill in Willy Wonka movie and turned violet?

Trump has taken those mexican orange tanning pills. He is ORANGE. It colors you whole body, insides and out. Surgeons can't stand that!

Bandit said...

Mexican dog?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I truly believe that President Trump shall be given a second term once all the votes are properly counted! He is good people, and thinks like the American business man (I am one too)! My business went bankrupt a few years ago and had he been in office I am sure I could have gotten assistance. I have a background in computer systems and its easy to fake data. The votes are not right. I know in my heart he won by a landslide. Although I am a Missouri resident, we are loyal to him. Once he is done, his son can run in 2024. There is a dynasty here, even stronger than the Kennedy's. I know we can trust Trump. Signed, Wendell