Kansas City Northeast Hobo Camp Debated

Saturday conversation regarding a controversial effort to accommodate the growing number of local homeless people is thoughtful and provides more deets but still is no less fiery about a decision that did not seek community consensus. 

Take a listen . . . 

Northeast Newscast Episode 159: Merging KC

This week's episode of the Northeast Newscast dives deeper into the issues surrounding homelessness in Kansas City. Merging KC is working with residents, organizations and volunteers to build a regulated campsite for unhoused members of the community as winter weather approaches.


  1. Send them to Brookside. That is an area populated mostly by caring, loving Democrats. I'm sure they wouldn't mind looking after a few hundred bums...uh, homeless....

  2. just picture in your mind those awful concentration camps during ww2, that ought to convince you that this is in the top three dumbest most terrible ideas ever to come out of this mayors office.

    When they freeze to death and turn into a popsicle just throw them over the cliff amirite!

  3. They're supposed to ask the people who think Donald Trump won the election?

    We have to stop asking stupid people what they think.

  4. Y'all need to get that Bunch out of office before we are all living in hobo camps and riding bicycles

  5. 3:37 you mean work camps right?

  6. The whole Northest is a fucking shithole anyway, so leave them alone.

  7. Actually people in concentration camps had buildings to live in, these hobos will have tents to live in. I guess you can use the tents as body bags for when they freeze to death, I mean die from covid. There’s also the possibility that the snow will bury them alive when the tents collapse under all that weight.


  8. So let me get this straight. Lucas wants a crackdown on businesses but he's going to allow a tent city?? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha I have an idea. Send them to Sunset Hills and let them watch after Patrick Mahomes girlfriend for an allowance. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

  9. when i see homeless people one thing i wonder about is while they remain homeless they retain what appears to be normal or above average body weight.

    i have three meals for the most part daily, ain't homeless but wonder why they seem fatter and plumper than myself.

    byron must be feeding them on the side, hmm.

  10. Yup, Loose Park would be great. They already have working bathrooms there and easy access to the Plaza.


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