Thursday, November 05, 2020

Kansas City Northeast 2020 Murders Counted

Here's a glimpse at the killing fields of this KCMO urban community that features more than a few rough patches amid many charming homes and glorious restored mansions . . . Sadly, all of these locales have endured dead bodies on nearby streets. Read more:

Northeast Homicides 2020

Compiled by Abby Hoover and Daisy Garcia Montoya Kansas City has had 160 homicides this year, surpassing the previous record of 153 set in 1993. This list is a compilation of homicides that have taken place in Northeast Kansas City in 2020. The number listed next to each victim is the city-wide homicide number they represent.


Anonymous said...

The person who compiled this list has an over-broad understanding of the Northeast neighborhoods. Traditionally it refers to the area north of Independence Blvd./Ave., south of East Bottoms, east of The Paseo and west of the Armco property. You'd think the Northeast News would know better.

Anonymous said...

"Makes for a better story if you ignore reality",
that's been the Northeast News philosophy for decades.
Tony seems to have borrowed it too.