Monday, November 23, 2020

Kansas City Monday News Deep Dive

Right now the underwater antics of hottie Demi inspire our search for truth as we share community news, pop culture and top headlines.

Take a peek . . .

Testing Kansas City Patience

Lab capacity a concern as demand for tests soars in KC metro

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With Thanksgiving just a few days away, people are flocking to COVID-19 testing sites around the Kansas City metro. Many hope to gain peace of mind before spending the holiday with family members, although health professionals have warned that one negative test result can give a false sense of security.

Hipsters Study Streets

One source of our pothole problem: pipes in KCMO cover more area than other major cities combined

Using Geographic Information Systems, Kansas City Water created an infographic that can be linked to KCMO's pothole problem. KC Water maintains 2800 miles of pipe through the 319 square miles of Kansas City, MO. As the graphic shows, the area the water company serves is greater than San Francisco, Miami, Philadelphia, and Boston combined (266 square miles).

Counting KC Sick Beds

Hospital capacity in the KC area is improving but there are still signs of trouble

The hospital capacity in the Kansas City area is improving but there are still major signs of trouble. The issue is not the number of available beds. Forty percent of the beds in Missouri hospitals are open. In Kansas, it's about the same.

Demi Makes Waves

Demi Rose Rocks Instagram With Undulating Booty In Stunning Snorkeling Reel

Runway star and social media maven Demi Rose gave her 15.2 million Instagram followers a whole new look at her shapely physique with her most recent full-motion share. The post, which went live on her timeline on Saturday afternoon, included an underwater capture of the diminutive 25-year-old snorkeling in a skimpy, neon green bikini set.

And So It Begins

GSA chief informs President-elect Biden that formal transition process can begin

U.S. General Services Administration chief Emily Murphy informed President-elect Joe Biden on Monday that her agency has formally ascertained him as the apparent winner of the 2020 presidential election and would move ahead with transition proceedings.

Even Prez Trump Cringes At Rudy’s Antics

Behind the scenes, Trump frustrated with his legal team's maneuvers

WASHINGTON - While President Donald Trump has publicly praised his legal team's efforts, he has privately expressed frustration with the slapdash nature of his election defense fight, according to several people familiar with the discussions.

GM Saves The Planet?!?

GM pulls out of California emissions litigation, supports President-elect Biden's plans

General Motors has announced that it is withdrawing from the California emissions pre-emption litigation spearheaded by the outgoing Trump administration. In a letter signed by Chairman and CEO Mary Barra to 11 environment organization leaders, the company also urged other automakers to join its departure while throwing its full support behind the incoming Biden administration.

End Game Considered

New Remains Found at Pompeii Show the Agony of Mount Vesuvius' Victims

Archaeologists working near the ancient city of Pompeii have uncovered the remains of two men who were likely trying to find shelter during the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. When Mount Vesuvius erupted nearly 2,000 years ago, the volcano played a cruel trick on the people living nearby.

H&R Block Question Loser Earns Interim Glory

'Jeopardy!' names Ken Jennings as its first interim host after death of Alex Trebek

Following the death of longtime "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek earlier this month, the quiz show has now announced it will resume production, with a new interim host in the meantime.

Triumphant Return

After 118 days in the hospital with COVID-19, Kansas City man is finally home just in time for the holidays

(CNN) -- No one expected him to be home for the holidays -- but after 118 days in the hospital with COVID-19, Darell Slater will spend Thanksgiving with his family. Slater, 71, was first diagnosed with COVID-19 on July 13 along with his wife, his family said.

Crafting Local Holidays

Shop small: Five buys at Westport's Mid Coast Modern to help support KC makers

Editor's note: Startland News explored Mid Coast Modern's Westport storefront as part of the newsroom's five-part holiday gift guide that identifies locally made goods and supports the call to shop small. Westport streets aren't filled with as much cheer in 2020, Matt Bramlette said, entering a holiday season that's almost certain to bring slower sales and fewer smiling faces to Midcoast Modern.

Weather Peek This Week

Tuesday is looking soggy, windy


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Anonymous said...

big roundup?

Maybe a bit too big.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I can't have compassion for anyone who wears NFL clothing. Disgusting.

And Tony please, that butt. Come on man.

Anonymous said...

He’s the oldest 71 year old man I’ve ever seen, glad he survived China flu joes virus

Anonymous said...

Tony just enabled all the Basement Boi's sex lives!
How the hell does Demi get all that grotesque blubber submerged?

Dementia Joe said...

"pipes in KCMO cover more area than other major cities combined"

So, is that an excuse for not keeping those piper serviceable.

Apparently, instead, we need to sink more taxpayer bucks into empty (shiny) hotels, a new non-used airport, a non used toy train and millions (more) invested in 18th and Vine where no non-BLM person of sound mind would be caught (shot), even in daylight, and of course Power & Light.

Street, sewer and water line work is not glamorous and will not get our civic leaders into the national spotlight.

We need shiny stuff. Maybe an NBA felon team, or a downtown baseball scam to reward certain construction firms. You know, really neat stuff like that.

Surrounded by Idiots! said...

The guy spends 118 days in the hospital because of COVID and no one in his group is wearing a mask?????? Does anyone see a problem here?

Anonymous said...

Rheumatoid arthritis and Parkinson's disease two things you're never cure from so 118 days being sick was more to do with what was wrong with him to begin with. Sounds like him and his wife both live unclean lives if they both tested positive for it. Some time after more than enough warnings had been in place to educate people.

Anonymous said...

so they weren't rubbing one last nut off when they got covered with ash?

Anonymous said...


When snorkeling with Demi, we discover booty every time!!!

Anonymous said...

Caption Guy is vastly underappreciated around this dungheap.

He consistently casts pearls before the feral swine with a yeoman's effort.

Anonymous said...

Instead of believing Foxnews story go on line and read the letter that was sent to Biden by GSA.

Anonymous said...

If the idiot Dems keep locking everyone down we're all going to look like the Mt. Vesuvius victims which is just how they'd like it.

Anonymous said...

^^You're old and dumb. Shut up.

Anonymous said...

Trumptards, where are we at on the following?
Releasing the kraken and blowing the lid off of this widespread voter fraud
Durham Report
Hunter's laptop

I was assured Democrats would be arrested and tried for treason. I'm getting really tired of waiting.

Anonymous said...

^^Ha!! So true, so true!

Gus said...

The top pic is probably my fault. I busted Tony's chops the other day for posting pictures of manatees in swimsuits. Damn if he didn't do exactly that.