Kansas City Mayor Q Warns Of COVID Risk

Surprisingly, this public health warning is hidden behind a paywall for those who don't know how to navigate the Internets successfully but it's safe to say that most of us can guess the contents of the latest dire message about the current plague that has inspired unprecedented restrictions on business, movement and freedom that might or might not relent.

Here's the link tease . . .

Quinton Lucas: If Kansas City doesn't take COVID-19 seriously now, we are all at risk

Kansas City alone has lost nearly 250 of our brothers and sisters - 900 across our region. For months, we watched COVID-19 cases rise - every graph a jagged, diagonal line climbing higher. We have seen the same headline repeating itself: The metropolitan breaks its single-day COVID-19 record.


  1. The continued spread is made worst by the hick redneck Gov. Parsons.


  2. So wrong 9:35 it's your ignorance that spread the virus when you started praising rioters in the streets when the COVID was almost gone. Now your radical mayor and his tent city are to blame, and you want to blame Parson's? How funny. Mark my words with this BS about Biden and Trump watch as see they will push this virus so hard they will have everyone staying locked up. This is all about control and nothing else. Watch and see. I know I'm right it's already starting and will get worse. I told you they would go after Thanksgiving and Christmas this will not stop until the radical left has us in a civil war and then the NWO.

  3. We may take the virus seriously. We don't take Mayor McDrinkerson seriously.

    1. ^^^^

      Best comment of the day I've seen so far.

      Well done.

  4. Q Ball is a one note wonder! He's your problem for another three years. I washed my hands.

  5. It only spread because the majority of people lack basic hygiene and the ability to stay away from others ( read - I don't need anyone touching me ever while I stand in line ). Nursing homes would be the best example. Think those bed bound old folks brought it in ? their families that didn't get to visit them ? or the dirty ass staff that can't remember simple cross contamination steps ? You decide while you pick your nose after touching a shopping cart. Maybe use hand santizer for 2 seconds and feel clean.


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