Kansas City Lost Credit Card Experiment

This town's best entertainment writer notes his test of character for local servers that not only offers an insight into human nature and but also provides a glimpse into the fresh hell of waiting tables in Kansas City.

Still, the quick story gives a nice glimpse into local life and a reminder that this cowtown is only pretending to be nice . . . Take a look:

"See If This Card Goes Through, Please. I Found It On The Sidewalk Outside."

If you've gone out to eat with me in the last year or so, you know I like to play a little game with my servers when they drop off the bill. When they swing back by, I hand them my credit card, look them dead in their eye and announce matter-of-factly, "Hey, see if this card goes through, please.


  1. Makie is a class A shithead. I can't imagine the special things he must ask for as a restaurant guest. I guess he enjoys eating other people's saliva.

  2. That's a great way to have someone call the Po Po on your dumbass. And if you have been drinking to bust your ass for DUI when you leave the place.

  3. He didn't realize what the real test was.

    He failed!

  4. Kind of arrogant to be conducting your own social experiment on working people... which I really believe is not an experiment... It is called "fucking with people." Stop doing it.

    1. He flames like a campfire,of course he's arrogant

  5. @7:22, that wasn't my "saliva" he had.


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