Kansas City Latino Vote 2020 Reconsidered

The nation's largest "minority" group finally reaches maturity as voters and becomes increasingly difficult to define amid mixed results and given the group is comprised of white, Black and even Asian constituents. 

Check-it . . .

Community group says 2020 election highlights importance of Latino voters

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The impact Latino voters are having on the 2020 election is attracting attention, and one group says more needs to be done to court voters. El Centro is a nonprofit that works on a number of issues, including voter registration and engagement.


  1. Ultimately, the Latino voters will get sick of their taxpayers dollars going to fund negro welfare and they will become Republicans just like normal working white people.

  2. White people get more welfare than Blacks and Latinos combined.10:14 typical trailer trash talk...

  3. wrong about the welfare comment.

    it's not that the people like biden to vote for, it's that they don't like trump - no matter the political party.

    i see this country not prospering very much starting next year. that plus covid, times will just suck.

  4. Well @5:15, sort of like when Obama took over from Baby Bush, it's going to take Biden a couple of years to get this Trumped-up Economy back on its feet, because Ronald McConnald and Graham The Cracker will be doing everything they can to screw things up.

    It will help a lot when the Democrats take the Senate in the 2022 Elections after the American People see how disgusting these Trump left-behinds really are.


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