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Blogger Bill shares quite a few resources with with readers who seemingly prize unity and progressive beliefs over dogma and doctrine . . . It's a free country, so it's a valid choice given that the only question of faith that most people confront is an upgrade on their french fries or what garbage movie they'll rewatch.

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When nuns and nones get together

Perhaps the least secret story about religion in the U.S. in recent decades is the growth in the number of people who identify as religiously unaffiliated. They're called the "Nones." It turns out that most of them aren't atheists but,...


  1. There's no difference between an atheist or an agnostic. An agnostic just wants Jesus to come down to him in the flesh and prove himself, but just the same an agnostic does not believe just like an atheist does not believe. Both are the same. This Bill dude is just as bad as that wacko Dr Minnelli was.

  2. I’m a god damned Atheist.

  3. Bill forgot to mention that Allah sucks goat dicks. All Muslims suck goat dick. Muslim women crave getting fucked by big American cocks.

  4. I see he goat dick sucker is still with us.
    Go suck a goat dick, Junior - the grown ups are talking!

  5. There is a tremendous difference between an atheist and an agnostic, @:55!
    An agnostic is certain there is no God, just as a Christian is sure there is!
    They teach this in school, and you can find it on line. Both are devout believers in their own "beliefs", and both are under the delusion that we are smart enough to KNOW!

    Now the agnostic on the other hand just isn't sure one way or the other yet, and unlike you, he doesn't want to try to force his beliefs ono anyone else.

  6. This "Nuns and Nones" thing is good!
    Is finally gives the Nuns a chance to get out in the World and get a little on the side just like the Priests have been doing for centuries.


    When Sister Sinderella prayed for a cowboy to spring her from the convent, he arrived with a long gun in search of a posse!!!

  8. Remember Canon Hinnant11/11/20, 11:09 AM

    Apparently Billy doesn't feel like discussing Muslims this week. I guess a beheaded Paris school teacher and a nearly decapitated Parisian churchgoer is hard to explain away.

  9. ^^It's really quite simple: You mock Mohammad, you die.

    They're not interested in your "free speech".

    Mock Mohammad, die.

  10. ...I'm an unbelievably devout evangelical atheist..proud of it!

    ....it is, what it isn't!

    remember to mask up.....

    goes the
    It knows!


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