Kansas City Independence Avenue Bridge Demolishes Another Semi-Truck

Thankfully, nobody was hurt and a not-so-proud Northeast tradition continues as this public hazard serves as a reminder that KCMO infrastructure is woefully outdated.

Understatement of the day from this report: 

"With only 12 feet of clearance, the bridge under Wilson Avenue has stopped numerous semi-trucks in their tracks."

Take a look . . .

Another one: Independence Avenue bridge gobbles up semi-truck

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A bridge with a notorious appetite for semi-trucks and other large vehicles struck again on Sunday afternoon. Shortly after 1 p.m. on Sunday, a semi-truck slammed into the Independence Avenue bridge, nearly flipping on its side before getting wedged.


  1. Trans Am, now there's no surprise.

  2. Clearance signs are there so that you don't end up with a math problem that has a lot of pieces remaining dummy! First day driving a rig junior?

  3. One would think a quick eye ball test would tell the truck driver his trailer is not going to fit under it.

    However, another example of Democrat controlled Kansas City failing to modernize its roads and bridges.

    This bridge was probably built during the 1920's.

    Where's all the tax money going ?

  4. Close 9:09. It was built in 1912.

  5. The problem is, most truck drives are dumb fucks.

    1. Yeah they're dumbfucks huh? What shithole factory do you work at?

  6. ^^You mean like bandit right?

  7. Here is a suggestion that would be good for KCMO. Why doesn't Q-ball make a suggestion to do exactly what Olathe did ten years ago that has had a lasting and positive impact on that city. Put together a plan between the city and the Kansas City Railway to raise the rails that go through the Northeast and inner city to eliminate dangerous and costly accidents. That would include rail crossings at Ewing, Independence Avenue, Hardesty, Truman Road and 12th Streets. I'll bet that not more than a couple of days goes by that there are not accidents that can injure or kill people, destroy cars and semi's and impact travel and safety in the city. Like I said Olathe did it ten years ago and it now does not have a problem at the rail crossing there. How about shedding some light on that?

  8. Second grade teachers11/16/20, 12:34 PM

    @ 1142: Spelling is obviously not your strong suit. Try "drivers"

  9. I bet that truck driver shat his pants, hehe.

  10. 13ft 6inches if you dont know what that means you dont drive a truck

  11. They main problem is all the homosexuals telling everyone their 4 inch cock is really 9 inches. That’s exactly why Gary Lezak always predicts an 8 inch snowfall that ends up only being 2 inches.

  12. ^^speaking from experience are ya Nancy? Though so!

  13. Michael Buffer11/16/20, 5:38 PM

    And in this corner the overpass champion of the world and still undefeated, Truck Wrecker Magee.


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