Kansas City Heated Patio Hope Abounds

This local restaurant strategy will only last as long as temperatures stay above freezing. However, enduring propane fumes to help the local economy is the last hope of local servers amid the pandemic.

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Stay warm-and safe-at these 4 heated outdoor patios in Kansas City

Baby, it's cold outside, but for those of us who are not quite ready to brave dining indoors amid the pandemic, outdoor dining is still the safest option. We've rounded up a few places that are going the extra mile to make sure you can comfortably enjoy a drink or a meal outside right now.


  1. What is the antiviral difference between a massive tent blocking the breeze and room in a building?

    Zip, both are a transmission hothouse. It would make a lot more sence to just improve ventilation indoors than to make a fake outdoors space.

  2. It's so politicians feel better about themselves and outdoor air blows the Coronavirus into you nasal passages or mouth instead of indoor air doing the same.

  3. We need heated kiosks all over downtown so faggots have somewhere to blow each other.

  4. How do airplanes work?


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