Kansas City Food Pantry Rush 2020

Quick glimpse at the new normal and growing American scarcity as the pandemic worsens. 

Check-it . . .

Kansas City Food Pantries See Record-Breaking Need For Upcoming Holiday Season

Food banks, pantries and kitchens across Kansas City are gearing up for a very different holiday season this year as coronavirus cases continue to rise across the metro. Harvesters is the region's largest food bank, distributing food in 26 counties with the help of 760 social service agencies.


  1. I see black people take food from these pantries and churches that have food giveaways and turn around and sell it, I’ve seen them throw the food on the street they cant sell or don’t want. Don’t believe me? Go to the church at 31st and poplar and watch what happens, people pulling up in new Escalades, caddies and Mercedes Benz, they’ll be old men parked across the street in $70,000 pickup trucks with shells over the bed full of food they’ve been driving around town to collect, these people even have dolleys to carry the food away with. It’s truly disgusting.

  2. 11:07 is lying.

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  3. I’ve seen the same cars at each event

  4. 12:19 I gave you the address go check it out retard.


  5. My special friend in Central Hyde park with a big house and two nice expensive cars goes to the pantry to get food.

  6. earlier this year my son brought over excess pantry food that was unloaded to him by the workers/helpers handing out the free food - entirely too much food.

    it tells me there's more free food than what demand calls for - one will learn to make a decent split pea soup over time and if one wants to try the adventurous route there are onion soup recipes to try out.

    if there's not caution with the food people will just simply over eat thus causing health problems down the road.

  7. ^^Bullshit Maude. Not one fucking thing you said is true. Go fuck yourself you lying worthless good for nothing geezer. Get the Rona and die!

  8. If they have Cheeto's at the food pantry; I will be there.

    If not, I have no interest.


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