Kansas City FAILS COVID Front Line Again

Health worker outcry ramps up once more as medical supplies run low and all Americans seem to be begging for the next round of stimulus. 

Take a look . . .

KC area nurses protest over PPE needs, staffing amid COVID-19 surge

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Nurses in the Kansas City metro are being stretched too thin - possibly compromising patient care - according to some frontline workers who on Tuesday called for more protections and staffing in the fight against COVID-19. It's a problem that might worsen as the surge of coronavirus cases continues locally, as well as nationwide.


  1. Blame qball and archer, they’re too proud to admit that they are in over their heads and won’t ask parsons let alone the president for help. The market is flooded with ppe now so if someone doesn’t get it they’re responsible for at the minimum of manslaughter. Our famously stupid city leaders are getting more people killed.

  2. ^6and our president is the one who washed hi tiny hands of the virus in February. he has failed the American people at every turn. His lasting contributions to fighting the pandemic will always be shining ultraviolet light up your ass and drinking Clorox. What an absolute failure!

  3. I have fucked many nurses and they are always good fucks.

  4. 11:56 all debunked, do better ok Karen?

    The real fear is dark winter joe who is asleep and won’t come out of his bunker, he has a permanent lid and refuses to answer questions. Just the perfect kinda guy for you flaming libtards! Lmao!

  5. @12:51-and yet it's NOT debunked as the moron actually said it during a live TV press conference. You can look it up right now Trumpkin!!! Oh noes!

  6. Trump has fucking checked out. Period. He ain't doing shit beyond clogging up courts with stupid fucking election lawsuits that continue to fail and seeing what else he can fuck up for the next admin so he can bitch about it when Biden takes over. He knows you fucking cultists will lap that shit up. He can't even get real lawyers to rep his bullshit now so he's resorted to fucking Rudy.

    1. Do you think old finger-banging Joe liked his applesauce today?

  7. What kind of retards fall for this fake media n globalist propaganda.

    Over 99% survival rate.

    A real plague doesn't need 24/7 media hype.

  8. This is all about weak greedy politicians and a lackey media owned n controlled by greedy globalist clamoring for control over trillions of stimulus money.

  9. QAnon is like the fans of the band Tool.

    Dumb people pretending to be smart.

  10. What PPE don't they have? There is tons of it available on the open market now. I've got a warehouse full of it. DO YOUR JOBS! What if all the cops took up signs and started protesting because their jobs got harder? Firemen?

    If you're scared, get a job at HyVee.


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