Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Kansas City Election 2020 Freebies Abound

In reality, there's very little reward for voting . . . Even talking points fade for those of us who realize that most people don't really listen and just wait for their turn to rant.

Here's what is likely the best deal . . .

Pornhub says it's reserved for voters only on Election Day

A few more local carby treats that are more tangible than faith in Democracy . . .

Election Day 2020 deals and freebies

by: Nexstar Media Wire Posted: / Updated: Boston Market After a year that brought a pandemic, a stock market crash, social disruption and ongoing natural disasters, 2020 voters can't be judged for indulging a little after casting their ballots. Krispy Kreme Get a free slider after the polls close in your respective state.


Anonymous said...

Check out Hunter Biden's site on Pornhub.

Oh wait, no need to do that since his thang is all over the internet with minor girls.

Anonymous said...

^^Ugh huh. Nobody cares, and we don't surf porn sites for underage girls CHUD. That's more of a Republican perversion. Ewwwww!