Kansas City Desperately Seeking Work Amid Worsening COVID-19 Layoffs

Quick sign of hope amid all of the bad news we've blogged today and given that a lot of readers and their family members are looking for new jobs . . . 

445 jobs Available in Kansas City at Hy-Vee

Hy-Vee is hiring individuals for temporary and permanent help, including openings for part-time and full-time positions. From online personal shoppers and cashiers to food service clerks, stockers and more, Hy-Vee has nearly 10,000 jobs available with 445 those in the Kansas City Metro area.


  1. Sure, but the pesky problem is the unemployed could be bothered getting off their can to find a job.

  2. couldn't ??

  3. Kansas City Star reports Hy Vee has 450 employees die of corona virus and is hiring replacements.

    The Red Star adds President Trump is responsible for the deaths of the Hy Vee 450 sackers and cashiers.

    1. "Kansas City Star reports Hy Vee has 450 employees die of corona virus and is hiring replacements."

      And yet that's nowhere on their website.


  4. ^ C'mon man !! 2:34; are you truly that stupid ?

    Even I figured out the man is joking.


    China Joe Biden

    1. ...come on man,

      China Joe Biden.

      There fixed it for ya


  5. I would love to work at Hy-Vee for some extra money but they are an American hating store by promoting the chiefs and their hatred for police and the country and also they have some really dirty black people working at the Blue Springs store so to me they don't take pride in cleanliness. I only go in there to get sale items and that's it. They have really gone downhill.


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