Kansas City COVID School Shut Down Redux

School won't last long this Winter . . . Shawnee Mission School District has been pressured to go back to remote learning. On the Missouri side, North KC seems like they'll call in-person classes soon.  

And now, given the projected Biden win . . . They're might be less conspiracy theorists to resist the move. 

Here's a roundup focused on KC . . .

Kansas City's Coronavirus Numbers Are So Bad Schools Will Probably Have To Close Again

It's looking ever more likely that Kansas City-area schools will have to close again, this time for lack of teachers. In Shawnee Mission and other districts, that day is fast approaching. "Your staffing is just going to get so stressed to the point that (keeping schools open) will not be feasible," Johnson County Department of Health and Environment epidemiologist Elizabeth Holzschuh told the Shawnee Mission School Board on Tuesday.


  1. The Democratic Party hates your children, and doesn't want them educated.

    Millions of students will have lost 1 year of their critical learning cycle as this non-scientific school shutdown experiment extends into 2021.

    Virtually NO child or young school-age adult is at risk of dying from the coronavirus according to the statistics from the CDC.

    Kansas Governor Kelly has still not explained why she was the 1st governor in the nation to close public schools. No children were at risk. The only coronavirus cases in the state of KS were at nursing homes/rehab centers. Why were KS public schools closed before states like California and New York? Why has Governor Kelly and KDHE director Norman continually lied about the coronavirus data?

  2. VIRTUALLY NO CHILD IS AT RISK OF DYING?! How about you be the person who gets to tell the parents that their child, who has been infected with the virus and is seriously ill, has just passed away. At five years old, and 13 years old and 3 yrs old. Shall I continue?? Or do children’s lives not matter too? It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the safety of the children for goodness sakes. So sorry for your inconvenience.

  3. If parents are worried THEIR kid can go virtual. Don't make everyone just for a few dumb@sses.


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