Monday, November 30, 2020

Kansas City COVID-19 Testing Surges

Locals flock to get tested as the pandemic worsens and MSM provides a constant stream of reporting on tragic deaths and rising danger.

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Kansas City's Demand for Coronavirus Tests Doubles As Case Numbers Surge Across the Region

Coronavirus testing numbers have more than doubled since COVID-19 cases began rising again in the Kansas City area, officials said Monday, even as they fear a need for more testing following the Thanksgiving holiday.


Anonymous said...

Testing doubles? Are we trying to set a record or something?

Anonymous said...

Maybe testing all city employees once a week or every two weeks would be a good idea.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Maybe they should test the Water Department worker who was napping in Swope Park at 945 this morning

Anonymous said...

Creating fear is the only viable currency in Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

Duh, more panic testing equals more "cases"

The msm is the enemy.

Anonymous said...

Remember testing doubled before thanksgiving when they start screaming thanksgiving was a super spreader event.

Anonymous said...


1) Number of "cases" starts to decline
2) Ramp up testing, offer free widespread testing
3) Testing is performed inaccurately by regional labs w/ high false positives
4) Media reports sudden alarming number of "cases"
5) Public frightened by invisible virus "pandemic"
6) Officials impose more drastic restrictions to curb rising "cases"

Do you know why so many politicians/celebrities/athletes have been caught violating their own public advice to mask-up, not travel, and stay-at-home?
They've been clued in on the truth!!!

Anonymous said...

^^OK Boomer. Go back and get some new talking points for OAN. Those are played out.