Friday, November 06, 2020

Kansas City COVID-19 Death Count Stands At 226 As Heartland Pandemic Spike Persists

The plague pushes forward in Kansas City and across the Midwest. 

Whilst locals still dispute these numbers as well, for the moment the ravages of the virus have been put out of the media spotlight.

Check the links . . .

KMBC: KC-area hospitals say available beds dwindling because of COVID-19

KCTV5: Kansas City hospitals 'dangerously close' to capacity as COVID-19 cases rise

KCUR: How Safety-Net Health Providers In Kansas City Are Preparing For a Coronavirus Winter Surge

KMOV: COVID-19 in Missouri: State reports nearly 4,000 new cases, bringing total over 200,000

KSHB: At 5,418 Kansas shatters single-day record for COVID-19 cases, deaths

KCTV5: Kansas City VA updates visitor policy as COVID-19 cases increase locally

Fox4: Doctors said the metro area is not at a crisis stage yet, but they are very concerned about the surging infection rate.

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Cgc said...

so we added two more deaths today. So did the murder count.

Think about it.

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Anonymous said...

I am a janitor at a local hospital and we have set up a tent and hospital beds on the roof of the hospital for the overload of corona virus patients. We have about 200 patients on ventilators in the cafeteria. Sure hope we don't have snow. I will keep you posted.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hope every pathetic, loser MAGAT gets this horrible disease and dies a slow death. It’s certainly better than being totally crushed by Sleepy Joe Biden and knowing your FAILURE of a President is a weak, whiny shitbag.

Anonymous said...

I want another Trump Klown Kar super-spreader parade! Please? One more time tooting the horns and making a racket? Come on, now, sunshine. Sleepy Joe kicked your ass. You lost to the worst Presidential candidate ever. Wipe those tears away and get to Ridin’ With Biden in that soon to be repossessed pickup truck!

Anonymous said...

The talked about agenda is to present to the congress- articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden.
How much jail time Joe will spend with his son Hunter remains.

If Hunter is extradited to Russia... he will be imprisoned in a gulag for 27-54 years.

Just hope the Impeachment lasts 4 years and of course Nancy will be home getting her hair done eating fancy ice cream and unable to attend.

Let’s go defend Trump with the military and stay until Dems admit fraud!!! Never leave Mr Trump! We will be here for you!!

Anonymous said...

7:20 - You sir win the "Rocket Scientist" award. Can't get anything past this Einstein.

Anonymous said...

6:54 that’s funny right there! Made my day I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Only stupid people believe the hospitals almost overloaded bullshit, research is the only hospital taking covid patients out of all the Missouri side hospitals and it’s not close to being full. Jesus Christ people, why is the media and mayor mcdumbo still trying to scare people? What’s the end game here?

Apparently these idiots don’t realize people can easily find this information on al gores amazing internet for killer kc and Missouri. It’s absolutely dangerous to play this game with peoples lives.

Anonymous said...

"Coronavirus" has been in the U.S. for 1+ year now.

Retrospective sampling in California indicates it was present in patients treated at hospitals there at least as early as OCT/NOV 2019.

Ask yourself how is it possible that a supposedly highly transmissible virus is only now reaching record levels of infection throughout the Midwest.

When the U.S. experiences the annual influenza virus each year, do residents of CA, NY, NJ, etc. (bicoastal states), catch the flu in the Winter and Midwestern residents don't get it until Summer/Fall?

With the annual influenza virus, does anyone wear a mask? Think about the last 10 years. Generally, you'll only see elderly residents, the immunocompromised, and those sick with the flu donning a mask. The general public does not wear a mask, although every year in the U.S. some 40,000 to 80,000 people die from it's complications.

According to the CDC, even if you contract the coronavirus, the survival rate is near 99%, until you reach the advanced senior age ranges of 75+ and even then it remains around 94-95%.

Please notice how corporate media throughout 2020 has purposely misled the public by obsessively focusing on "reported cases." What matters are hospitalizations and deaths directly attributed to the coronavirus. These numbers are DRASTICALLY LOWER than the kneejerk sloppy reporting by America's primary media outlets.
Why in the world would government authorities want to do widespread testing of asymptomatic (healthy) people? If the PCR lab testing for coronavirus is seriously flawed by design, and routinely reports vast numbers of incorrect results, why is it being used? Did you know that the person who invented the PCR lab test stated it should NOT be used for clinical diagnosis?

And of course, it could only happen in a national election year. What multi-purpose functions has the coronavirus served in 2020?
1) scapegoat for America's financial reset, with billions of dollars going to favored corporations as a bailout.
2) allowed the implementation of record-setting mail-in ballots, early voting, etc., which allows for unprecedented vote fraud.
3) the virus served to further train Americans to surrender their rights to government, mute themselves (symbolized by a facemask), instill widespread fear, disrupt the workplace and employment, further concentrate market share into Big Tech and the largest corporate players, and devalue public education, among others.
4) for a measly $1200 check, most Americans knuckled under and obeyed their Big Brother.

2020: The Scam Against Americans