Here's a peek at city hall in attack mode amid the pandemic as a MASSIVE PUBLIC HEALTH CRACKDOWN mostly targets small biz.

Here's an update on the numbers . . .

KCMO inspects more than 180 business for mask, hours compliance

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Some bars and restaurants have not complied with the city's emergency order so far. The order, which went into effect Friday, required bars to close at 10 p.m. and required patrons to wear a mask at all times, unless eating or drinking.


  1. Please close all the bars and restaurants to save countless lives.


  2. Welcome to the New World Communist Order. Two steps forward one step back that's how they sneak it in, and they have been doing it for years. When Trump started to fight it they had to put it in fast mode. That's why they hate him so bad. People are so stupid.

    Don't forget who brought you this virus and China wasn't alone on it. Good thing Dr Fauci has a big mouth.

  3. ^^it was China retard, no the democrats didn't do it, yes it's fucking deadly, yes, you need to wear a mask, and finally, Trump did nothing to slow it or stop it. You're fucking dumb. Die already.

  4. Do you have your papers?

  5. ^ 1:151 - "Trump did nothing to slow it or stop it"

    Joe Biden hid in his basement for six months while President Trump partnered with the private sector via Operation Warp Speed to develop a vaccine for corona virus, ventilators, masks, gowns, therapeutic treatments etc.

    The Marxist Democrat Party stole the 2020 election with ballot harvesting, dead people voting etc. so you don't need to be spreading your fake news anymore that the Communist China virus was created by President Trump.

  6. Vaccines in world record time and these assholes are mad at President Trump, give up morons, Trump is and always will be an American hero!


  7. 2:39 China flu joe is in his basement still, I’m seeing shirts and stickers all over the place saying “where’s joe” haha!

  8. No more driving to keep all of kansas citians safe!!

    Wait for the vaccine that is 90% effective for a virus that plus 80% don't even know they have it and has a 99.95% survival rate.

    PS - the side effects of the vaccine are the same as the symptoms of the virus so you know it's working.

    PSS they are already working on the covid-21 vaccine, you know just in case.

    Be sure to wear a mask, or bandana, face shield or just pull your shirt up it doesn't matter which because none of them mean anything except you are a retard who believes the propaganda spewed 24/7 by the billionaire globalists and their wholly owned media corporations making a killing with these shutdowns and vaccines.

    Jonestown has nothing on you retards.

  9. And sleepy joe still has no solid concrete plan. he ran on covid as his top priority and his only plan is lockdowns.

  10. And we still only have around 1900 active cases. 0.38% of the population has the Kung fu flu, OMG! SEND IN THE TROOPS! LOCK THE WORLD DOWN NOW, NOW DAMMIT NOW!

    mayor mcdumbo and the fake dr Rex should be removed from office immediately.

  11. Funny how they worry about masks but not day to day hygiene of workers. Never have I been out to a restaurant and not seen basic violations of health codes. Guess Hep is no big deal compared to Covid. Weird

  12. 1:51 ?? Trump did nothing ? Perhaps you might question why I went out and got masks, hand sanitizer, all supplies when NEWS of Covid broke, and yet you did not ????? If you need a President to tell you basic hygiene and practices to prevent catching something. Perhaps you might look in the mirror for the problem and the real dipshit.

  13. Moron liberals. One of the first things Trump did was ban incoming flights from China (which Saint Fauci said prevented hundreds of thousands of cases), but they didn’t last long because China Joe and the other libs cried “racism!” Can’t protect the American people if it might hurt someone’s feelings. Liberal pussies.

  14. ....@4:09...
    when ever a 'tRumpMonkey looks into a mirror...all they see is a...'SackoShit'....right "Q"?



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