The election count continues as tempers start to flare across the nation. 

Americans might get results today, just in time for a tumultuous weekend and the increasing risk of more civil unrest.

Here at home, check the trend that local media still want to downplay and politicos politely ignore . . .

KCTV5: More plaza businesses board up in preparation for possible election unrest

And this leads us to an important message sent our way by a kindly reader . . .

"TKC, just wanted to know if you've heard anything about more shut downs. There's no way I'll be prepared for it. Last time around I went through my life savings before there was any help and now we're barely at the break even point. We're doing a good job with masks and new protocols. I can only hope that will avoid another lock down. If that happens it would be a disaster for me, my family and my employees . Please tell the mayor that he should protect small business in Kansas City, not just his career in D.C."

First and foremost, despite rising numbers, more deaths and hospitalizations . . . There is no official word about another lock down. 

However . . .  

Both Veep Biden and Mayor Q have championed an "aggressive" policy in fighting the virus and more restrictions aren't out of the question. 

Still . . . And I hope this provides some assurance, complying with mask orders and all of the other onerous city hall rules & regs is a good way to stay on the right side of the Health Department for better or worse and given that they have increasingly targeted small biz owners who defy local mandates. 

 Meanwhile . . .

 Here's a glimpse at the election count outrage reaching a crescendo and certainly setting the tone for this cowtown as well . . .

Check the links . . .

NPR: Election Dispute Increases Risk Of Political Violence, Analysts Warn

New York Post: Armed man arrested amid alleged plot to attack Philly vote counting center

Fox News: Portland election unrest reroutes emergency services as destructive crowds block street access

The Hill: Civil unrest fears grow as protests hit vote-counting battleground states

CNN: Twitter permanently suspends Steve Bannon account after talk of beheading

Developing . . .


  1. I'm hoping people will be calm here in Kansas City. Protesting is fine, rioting is not. It would be nice if our leaders actually said something to avoid this kind of civil unrest.

    1. It would be nice but it's not going to happen. Last time Mayor Q ran to the front of the mob.

    2. Word of advice11/6/20, 7:38 AM

      Burning down things, breaking windows and looting doesn't make it better, only worse. Save our city and save yourself some trouble or a rubber bullet to the eye, don't be an idiot.

  2. Looks to me like the trumpers have the most potential to be violent. Poor chuds can't take the L.

    1. ^^^

      Those aren't CHUDs in Portland. Last time it was BLM who damaged the plaza, this time is looks like they want to finish the job.

  3. Captain KC Obvious11/6/20, 7:40 AM

    So you're telling me that cheesecake factory is a bad idea for date night?

    Damn. I was trying to be romantic for my fat girlfriend.

  4. What happened to the Trump landslide?

    I guess you sycophant chuds were WRONG.

    1. When you and your sleazy ilk can win an election without cheating let me know. Now go back to your BBC gangbang at your mom's house.

  5. And Biden takes the lead in Pennsylvania!

  6. What happened to all the enthusiam for Trump? I mean all those clown-car rallies didn't amount to shit? What happened? So many big superspreader rallies too! Sure, I mean he killed 700 people with them, but those crowds were uuuuuuuge!!! You mean the all those boat parades didn't amount to shit????

  7. And yet the dimwits still don’t have control of the senate do they, they in fact lost seats in the house, the election still ain’t over and the dimwits look like fools again. They are the ones calling half of America racists for not voting more for dementia joe, landslide for the dims never happened, they are embarrassed that America doesn’t like them and they’re too stupid to figure out why, hell, peeloosies head is on the chopping block after all her failures especially during this election cycle. The old dimwit guard will be replaced thank god and maybe something good will happen for a change, they’ve fucked up shit so bad it could takes years to recover.... or not, aoc and her gang are gaining momentum and things could get a thousand times worse. This is going to be the worst times America has ever seen coming up.

    I don’t know that the middle class can survive after this, I still can’t figure out why they hate us so much and want us destroyed.


    Ummmmm. Since that would be a local decision, Biden would have nothing to do with it. Of course (1) Biden has not won yet and (2) logic will not prevent MAGATs from blaming anything and everything on Democrats.

  9. 8:03 you’re a dimwit aren’t you, idiot. Prepare for a “dark winter” do you have enough money to survive the next four years? You better hope so.

  10. 8:15 dimwits are responsible for every thing bad that happens so.....

  11. Biden's Presidential library will be able to fit in a footlocker.


    Keep boarding up, KC. There are about to be LOTS of angry MAGATs with guns swarming the Metro. Be on the lookout for an impromptu Trump Klown Kar Karavan (KKK) complete with weeping, crying, wailing, thrashing about, and loss of bowel control. Trump has been dethroned!


  13. Dimwit mayors allow their cities to be destroyed, Force businesses to close, unprepared for a virus, unprepared to lead. Yup, dimwits are responsible.

    Republican run states and cities did just fine through all this so.....

    1. You can look to Florida. The Governor and Sheriff's (white and black) don't play. Hence, why Florida hasn't been destroyed like Minneapolis, Portland etc.

  14. o.k., my side of the state line has gasoline prices at $1.68 to $1.72 per gallon. {11/06/2020}

    take note now of the fuel prices under trump and compare to prices later down the road under an administration of biden presumably.

  15. The election is being stolen right in front of our "lying eyes".

    The 4th estate, the GODS on Mount Olympus in Silicon Valley, the Deep State, the entertainment industry and the Fascist/DNC/RINO bureaucrat scum who make illegal and unilateral decisions rule over us all with their enforcement arm in the streets, their de facto police force, BLM/AntiFa have usurped and destroyed ANY confidence in any election going forward from this place and time.

    The ballot harvesting, the late night delivery of literally hundreds of thousands of votes that ARE ALL FOR BIDEN in Pennsylvania, the ejection of monitors to make sure that Trump votes were not trashed (They were), the list is out there for anyone who honestly wants to know the truth, - this election is being stolen from the voters and effected by DNC criminals and the aforementioned, unelected bureaucrat/beadles who seek totalitarian suzerainty and complete control over us all.

    Not this year, or next, but soon you can sure as hell say good fuckin by to TKC and ANY venue where free speech is permitted. The assault on the Constitution by way of this egregious, outrageous, "Fuck you in your face" assault on the Rule Of Law is and will destroy the freedoms we all took for granted for so long.

    That, you dumbfucks who voted for and support this shit, will accomplish just what you wanted at some point. An idiot bartender who probably, based on her inability to understand basic economics (And this is WITH a degree from Boston University in Economics) can't even make a fuckin gin and tonic, will be running the economy with her "Squad" while the entire country starts to look more and more like California and is run like Kansas City, again, by fuckin uninspired, brain dead morons.

    The real time, boots on the ground effects of electing idiots to run the country will result in the nation turning into Baltimore and that city, where even now, we are being betrayed and assassinated, Philadelphia.

    The shitheel fucks in the Pentagon are thrilled and planning their next conflict, Wall Street is popping the corks on Champagne bottles as they plan to further gut the middle class, bring in millions of cheap H1B1 workers for those vampire Silicon Valley cocksuckers who really run the show and in local Democrat cities all over the once fruited plain, tax payers can expect an increase in taxes to fund stupid shit like 18th and vine where selected cronies can cash in and make bank on the fools who voted them in.

    Millions of new friends/parasites from overseas to sink the economy and wreck you cities with unbearable tax loads that can immediately, not only vote, but because you are inherently racist, collect reparations!!!

    We should just elect the "Leave Britney Alone" guy, he couldn't fuck this up anymore that the idiots we have in place and it would be more entertaining.

    1. Well that's quite an incoherent ramble, chuck.

    2. Oh, Brokeback Baboon/8:32, your Hooked On Ebonocs Phonics at KCPS failed you tremendously. Just sit there scratching your empty head while worrying those welfare bananas will be gone if Kum-alley Hoe-ish and Creepy Joe Chi-com fraud their way into the White House.

  16. The good news is the Chinese news network cnn will now be praising that sleepy joe got up at 9:00 to only announce a lid has been placed on reporters! He’s so amazing isn’t she!

    Breaking news! The White House bunker will get extensive repairs and be remodeled to resemble sleepy joes basement so he will be comfortable in his final years (before dementia takes his dumb ass out!) matter of fact, the entire west wing will be put in his new under ground living quarters!

  17. Biden's 10 minute swearing in ceremony will take 3 hours instead of 10 minutes. Just change his oath to "C'mon Man!" and he might get through it.

  18. 8:22 $1.49 at the QT by my house.

    Prepare for $4.00 a gallon gas so you know what’s next right? When gas goes up food and commodities go up as well. Things were so much better with President Trump in charge. And their goes my retirement, just when I thought I could actually retire now I’m gonna have to work till I die. Sad.

  19. 8:32 he can’t help it if you’re too stupid to understand basic English so....

  20. The Democrats want this banana republic clown show embarrassment to go on forever. They’re terrified of having elections that are decided on election day and via the ballot box. It’s easy to understand why when you see the way things are unfolding right now. The Democrats vastly under-performed across the board on Tuesday. The vaunted “Blue Wave” they talked about for over a year wasn’t so much as a trickle.

    We’re to believe, however, that Joe Biden over-performed everywhere, Erasing the substantial leads that President Trump had in several states. None of this passes the smell test. The media and the squish Republicans who insist that we don’t talk about fraud are wrong.

  21. 8:32 Not really. It is specific and fact based, like it or not, at least at this point, we are still allowed by you Fascists to disagree with fraud and theft.

  22. 8:32 speaking of incoherent ramblings, sleepy joes ramblings over the next four years..... if he lives that long. Then we will have that stupid bitches incoherent ramblings after that. Yup, exciting times ahead for sure!

    How many sign language people will dementia joe go through while he’s in office. Bets anyone! Hahahahaha,

  23. Do you morons even understand how the price of gasoline is determined? Supply and demand. When demand is greater than supply, prices rise.

    This is the kind of stuff dished out in 9th grade if you'd bothered to pay attention.

  24. 815, “blaming anything and everything on Democrats?” Something Democrats definitely don’t do to Trump and Republicans, right? As for your questioning the enthusiasm for Trump, it’s still there in mass quantity. Even with Biden in office, I guarantee you that if Trump and Biden went on a cross country tour, turnout and support for Trump would shatter that of Biden just like it did at the campaign stops. I think that’s part of what makes you and your ilk so crazy. There was no landslide on either ticket, Dems will take the WH, GOP the senate and things won’t be different in any positive way, just more violent crime and a weaker economy.

  25. Geesus Chuck, TL/DR but you are exactly what is fucked up about this country....assuming you actually believe what you wrote and just aren't trolling us.

    8:36 - maybe Republicans should put up a better POTUS candidate than a narcissistic, habitual lying, do nothing but tweet and bitch about bad coverage, QAnon accepting, white supremecist supporting, 20+ times accused of sexual assault, guy who downplayed a virus that infected over 120k people yesterday? Maybe? Maybe your fellow Republicans had enough of his bullshit but were willing to vote for Republicans in the other branches? Nah, couldn't be that.

    Take your weirdo conspiracy theories somewhere else and seek mental help.

  26. When Trump won 4 years ago, us libs were depressed that nearly half the country voted for him, but we accepted the outcome of the vote & didn't start spinning insane conspiracy theories and steeping our minds in poisonous magical realism. Get a grip and accept the loss (and reality) ffs.

    1. Seriously?
      I guess Russian interference and sham impeachment must have passed blindly in the night because you are not only fucking stupid,but also blind as fuck!

    2. That is the least true thing, ever! Remember the Resistance? Rember those dumb pussy hat marches, and the horrible Kavanaugh hearing, and this constant "Hillary won the popular vote". Dems have preached sedition for four years and now the chicken has come home to roost. Nobody trusts anyone. Congratulations!

  27. 8:43 (2nd), honest question, give us a ballpark estimate of how many people would have died if Biden had been president when the China virus arrived?

  28. 8:43 No YOU'RE what is fucked up about this country.

    Myopic, blinkered, predictable fools that buy into the "Narrative".

    Supporting Fascism, speech control, riots in the streets, burning, looting, election malfeasance, violence, the suppression by big Tech, the Deep State, the 4th estate and the legions of idiots like you who would sell us down the river so you can in some way emotionally or financially in the short term make bank at the expense of honest hard working Americans who just watched America go up in smoke while Fascist fucks like you laughed up your sleeve - and I freely admit this - our inability to thwart your malevolent, twisted, sick efforts in this election.

    "Conspiracy" my fuckin ass and everyone knows it even if they won't admit it.

    It's a fuckin fraud.

  29. 8:50 WHAT A FUCKIN LIE.

    Your heroes plotted behind the scenes with "Russian Collusion" - impeached Trump for asking about what we know now, with certainty was Biden corruption in the Ukraine, fermented riots, looting, arson and violence of ally kinds in every city possible to undermine the Rule of Law and NOW, again, you fuckin liar, you have subverted and destroyed the election to put a cherry on the 4 year long sundae of "Resistance".

    So don't tell me, or anyone, you liar, that you all "accepted the outcome".

  30. I'm goin to work. My advice, kiss some Big Tech ass and start thinking of how we can all improve our "Social Credit Score" like they do in Communist China. You remember Communist China, don't ya? The wonderful, free and open country that just sent us the Covid (SSSHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh don't say that outloud, it's racist.).

    Choke on it.

  31. The American Flag store and cigarette stores have already boarded up in anticipation of the MAGA riot.

  32. "The election is being stolen right in front of our "lying eyes"."

    Well, Chuckie, maybe it's time Republicans consider getting rid of the Electoral College. Amirite?

  33. 8:59 On election day did we arm up & swarm polling centers to intimidate voters. No. After election day, did we arm up and swarm polling centers while votes were being counted to intimidate bi-partisan polling workers? No. Did HRC accept the outcome of the vote and concede? Yes.

    My god, you have Trump protesters chanting "stop the vote" in one state and "keep counting" in another... you all did not have enough votes, just accept reality.

  34. 8:52 - honestly, I don't know. We do know that there was a playbook put in place to deal with this stuff that it was ignored and a team specifically designed to deal with these things was disbanded and re-assigned. The people put in charge of the response to COVID were basically Pence and fucking Jared.

    Other countries dealt with the virus and kept deaths to a minimum even with population adjustments. These are facts. The US is supposed to be the best at this stuff, we got a guy who admitted to always wanting to downplay it who claims he handled it great, would give himself an A. And it's no secret the administration has essentially given up on dealing with it and has resigned to letting it run it's course. That is lazy and incompetent.

  35. 9:11 there’s no reason to get rid of the electoral college unless of course you believe that only big cities in each state have the right to vote. It’s there’s to protect the entire states voting rights so if you want that then move to a state that exclusively votes your way and stop crying like a little baby because all votes matter, not just how yours. Stick it up your ass crybaby.

    Speaking of incoherent ramblings, your whole statement doesn’t make sense but that’s how dimwits operate amirite!

  36. 9:19 if having medicine that save lives and a vaccine in record time is lazy and incompetent then there’s no hope for you, just shoot yourself now ok Karen?

  37. Did you mean the outdated and abandoned obummer/biden plandemic playbook. The very playbook that would take a year and a half to implement blaybook? Interesting.

  38. Cut off your nose just to spite your face11/6/20, 9:33 AM

    To all of you that got your jobs back, or got new jobs, in the past 30 days I just want to say, Biden didn't get them for you, Trump did. If the election finally goes to Biden I just hope that you get to keep those jobs but I doubt it for more than 90 days. Save what you can until then.

  39. Weird 9:24, do the countries that minimized deaths and got the virus under control relatively quickly have access to some secret medicines and vaccines?

    Try another argument dumbfuck.

    And 9:28 - you've read the playbook? Assuming a year and half when the shit hit the fan in year 3? Not enough time?

    Fucking excuses for incompetence. It's amazing a guy who would get fired at any fucking job in the US for his incompetence and how he manages shit just gets a fucking free pass. You moron must work at some places that allow you to consistently do dumb shit and retain employment.

  40. hey 9:33 - he also took those jobs away too you fucking moron. You idiots are probably the same fucking people who see casino billboards advertising 98% payback on slots and are all like "let's fucking go".

  41. We have a vaccine? That's news to me.

  42. "Our inability to thwart your malevolent, twisted, sick efforts in this election."

    Like having actual policies? Like listening to science? Like not having a deranged, unhinged commander-in-chief?

    Your side's inability to "thwart" anything comes down to not getting enough votes.

    So you were thwarted by incompetence.

    See you when I pick up my biscuits.

  43. Johnson Clinton Trump11/6/20, 9:41 AM

    So if we get rid of the Electoral College we'll have "Mob Rule", right?

    The same way we have "Mob Rule" electing every US Senator and Representative, all fifty State's Governors, every member of all State's Legislatures, and every other elective Office in the Country except for two.

    Shame that doesn't ever work out, isn't it?
    Face facts, the Electoral College was an elitist invention created by would-be American Aristocrats, and put in place so the People (those damned untrustworthy "people") would always be led by their "Betters".

    In these times of modern communications, there is simply no reason to continue the farce of the Electoral College, except for the fact that the Republican Party cannot find any Candidates who can ever win a majority of the Popular Vote. Instead, the Republicans want to keep up the practice of having the Supreme Court appoint a President, as it did in 2000.

    "Election Fraud"? Where's the evidence? Another lie from Trump is not PROOF, nor is repeating that "BIG LIE" over and over, no matter how well it worked for Lenin and Stalin!

  44. The Real News.....Not The MSM Bullshit11/6/20, 9:41 AM

    All voting rather early or on election day should be done in person and have positive ID. Absentee ballots limited to very few with just causes and a better tracking record for doing such. Take Johnson County for one only 75% of the voters turned out. That leaves 113 thousand registered voters whose votes could have been used in a case of fraud.

    But record numbers turned out they say but I for one will say Johnson County is probably running a clean ship when it comes to counting votes. But it clearly shows how 113K plus extra ballots floating around out there could be used for fraud if every registered voter had received a ballot via the USPS.

    Does it not strike anyone as funny how all of a sudden all the so called mail in votes that keep showing up have been for Biden. Come on if I can see this you bloody well know many more powerful folks can see it as well.

    Look at how Kansas City Mo has tweaked with voter results in the past. If they can pull it off like they have wouldn't you think a Presidential race could have the same thing happen to it.

    Watergate II is on the horizon and it won't be against a Republican this time.

  45. Where's that one dude who always chimed in about Trump winning......

  46. wasn't me but i was hoping for a trump win - 400 miles of border wall is pretty good isn't it?

  47. ^^^^ Try 20 miles, all the rest was pre-scheduled repair and modifications of barriers built before Trump took Office. But the money taken from the Military Budgets has all vanished somewhere.

  48. Damn! Chuck "went to work" before we could remind him!
    Hope this time he didn't forget his cardboard sign reading...


  49. ^^Ha!!! That's fucking funny right there! True, but funny none the less!!!!

  50. Strange how the "shutdown" damaged this guy's business so badly while hundreds of other small businesses in the City were able to make it through a rough month or two and are now dong quite well again.

  51. Bulldoze the plaza. Its an old strip mall. Thats all. Build some upper bracket homes there on 2 to 3 acre lots. People will never go to a mall in the future. Amazon has won!

  52. Damn, gonna need a really big razor blade to remove that wrap from my truck and boat.

    Anyone know where I can recycle a Trump flag?

  53. "9:11 there’s no reason to get rid of the electoral college unless of course you believe that only big cities in each state have the right to vote. It’s there’s to protect the entire states voting rights so if you want that then move to a state that exclusively votes your way and stop crying like a little baby because all votes matter, not just how yours. Stick it up your ass crybaby."

    OK. I realize there's no winner yet, but using your logic, assuming Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and all the other states now trending for Biden go his way, every one of the many rural voters in those states (about 50% in each one) have absolutely no value because of margins of 1,000 or so votes in some cases. Care to rethink your argument?

  54. Get over it, MAGATS. You lost. Bigly. Move on or move out.


  55. Weak Trump throttled by Sleepy Joe, an old man espousing socialist views. How pathetic. You lost to Joe-fucking-Biden. He was the worst Presidential candidate in the history of US Presidential election. MAGATS around the country are just as pathetic as Dear Leader.

  56. Its clear now virus was made in china to kill or remove trump from office. China has had the cure the whole time. Notice how CCP leadership and dems never got it. Today the media has to push the trump lost narrative as the BLM rent a mob in big cities are running low on funds and supplies. So they must act fast to take the country.

  57. Oooooooo, I can’t wait for armed MAGATs to take to the streets in protest. It will be a pleasure watching State and Federal troops mow you down like blades of red-hat wearing grass. Heck, I hope the P&L hosts a watch party! Count me in for the celebration!

  58. 11:09 your brain is fried. Seriously. Perhaps the Dems had less covid cases bc THEY WEAR FUCKING MASKS AND TAKE SOCIAl DISTANCING SERIOUSLY?? Of all the shitty things Trump did, politicising mask-wearing has got to be the dumbest, most pointless, most damaging. For what purpose did he brand mask-wearing as liberal? It gained him nothing & is a huge reason this country's case/death #'s are so high compared to the rest of the 1st world. Just so stupid & damaging and now 40% of this country who believes every bs word out of his mouth refuse to wear one. stupid, stupid, stupid

  59. Here is a curation of choice tweets, starting with one from an obvious Venezuelan:

    I already saw this chapter in Venezuela.

    — Ariamne (@hopeinVenezuela) November 4, 2020

    Here's another Venezuelan from the western city of Valencia, who's seen this travesty, too:

    the exact same ,method used in Venezuela, overnight false voting always 100% in favor of the socialist

    — Eduardo Chavez (@EDUESPANA) November 4, 2020

    There's also this one from what's likely a Scots-descended Venezuelan exile who calls himself @arepadehaggis after the two identifying foods of the nations:

    They are stealing the election using the same handbook they used back home in Venezuela.

    What's really incredible is that they are not being subtle with the cheating. Whole 100% Biden blocks are being added. It's statistically impossible. pic.twitter.com/NDnCzq6Q4G

    — Gucho (@ArepaDeHaggis) November 4, 2020

    Another one:

    U.S. election this cycle looking more like something I’d expect from Venezuela.

    — JC Alvarez (@jcalvarezjr) November 2, 2020

    Here's Michael Welling, a Canadian who is an impeccable longtime reliable observer of Venezuela. Have been following him for years:

    Obviously @CNN and their biased coverage of this year’s #ElectionResults2020 is anything but impartial. Reminds me of #VTV election coverage in Venezuela 🇻🇪. #FakeNews pic.twitter.com/ijhLysIWmi

    — Michael Welling (@WellingMichael) November 6, 2020

    A Colombian in close quarters to Venezuela, describing what it's like:

    Exactly. In Venezuela they have cheated in every election. The result absolute power for an elite minority that destroyed their own country. Socialism is the ideology of mediocre people that oppress the rest to submission. Venezuela is a now one of the poorest country.

    — Sebastian Palacios (@JSPalaciosG) November 6, 2020

    Here's that telltale cold, ashy, cynical bitter humor of someone who's lived in a communist regime:

    Jugada maestra de Biden dejarle los venezolanos a Trump porque cuándo ha ganado elecciones un venezolano????

    — charallavense. (@Linocc) November 6, 2020

    Translation: Biden's master move to leave Venezuelans to Trump because when has a Venezuelan won elections ????

  60. Some broken English, from a Latino of unknown origin and politics, giving the mood:

    According to the news I thought ,the death people only vote in Colombia and Venezuela,not en USA,favoring Joe https://t.co/fkfCPaU06T

    — crisastomo (@crisastomo) November 6, 2020

    Despite this guy's name, he's Venezuelan. Venezuela, like America, once was a magnet for immigrants from unlikely places.

    I'd trust Brazil and all of LatAm (except Venezuela) right now over the U.S. election. Even places like Bolivia probably have better election procedures than the U.S. it's just a mess over there

    — Klaus Von Recht (@KlausVonRecht) November 5, 2020

    Not sure who this is, but the phrase is coined and now getting around:

    this all looks like an "attempted Venezuela" to me, the U.S. will have domestic unrest for years after this election, the Libs have lots of time to drive us into the ground...

    — A_Hoser (@TheWaterEssene) October 19, 2020

    Magazolano is a term used to describe the many Venezuelan-Americans in Florida who support President Trump. Here, a leftist mocks their distress:

    Magazolano Twitter seems to be taking all this pretty hard... https://t.co/PiDR1QqFK5

    — Daniel Lansberg R (@DLansberg) November 4, 2020

    More from an outsider:

    Suppressing votes, encouraging armed men in pickups to threaten civil war, and boarding up businesses on Election Day, doesn’t make America Great! It makes it Venezuela! #TeamDl

    — DL Hughley (@RealDLHughley) November 3, 2020

    And what was seen on someone's lawn a few days before the election:

    Saw this today in Houston. pic.twitter.com/6U6f8UV4Gb

    — Michael Berry (@MichaelBerrySho) October 30, 2020

    In all, it's déjà vu for Venezuelans. The ugly spectacle of stealing elections, and the insistence from the left that the whole thing is democracy, while the fawning media repeats their lies, is a huge punch in the face to Venezuelans and friends because they've lived this back in their home country, fled for their lives from it, and know exactly what it is. Venezuelans know that the road to hell is not an instant one; it starts with statue-pulling (remember her?) and rapidly moves on to electoral fraud. From there, the true chain of horrors that amount to socialism take complete control.

  61. Republicans would JAIL Donald Trump for the election fraud that we have just endured. Democrats, Biden voters are every bit as corrupt as he is.

  62. Arizona

    A voter filed a lawsuit claiming that a poll worker gave her a Sharpie to complete her ballot. When the ballot box failed to register her vote, the poll worker refused to give her a new ballot.


    Secretary of state Brad Raffensperger announced on Thursday that there were fewer than 25,000 uncounted absentee ballots in the state. Just a few hours later, he revised that to around 55,000–60,000 ballots. He said the 30,000–35,000 ballot fluctuation was normal. Uh-huh.


    Despite a guarantee under Michigan law, the Trump campaign was denied access to voting locations across the state.

    A postal worker whistleblower revealed to Project Veritas that the supervisor at the branch in which he worked instructed carriers to collect all ballots received on November 4, after the election deadline, and put them in a special "express" bin. Once there, they were hand-stamped "November 3" and then forwarded to the distribution center. Keep in mind that postal carriers have skin in the game because the 300,000 strong National Association of Letter Carriers (both retired and current) endorsed Biden, saying his winning was a matter of "survival."

    William Bradley, who was born in 1902 and died in 1984, voted by absentee ballot in Wayne County.


    Nevada was one of the states that used the Wuhan virus to mail election ballots to all registered voters. Project Veritas has a video of a Las Vegas mailman passing a handful of unclaimed ballots to an undercover journalist.

    The secretary of state announced on Wednesday that Nevada would stop releasing election information until Thursday, a signal lack of transparency.

    The Nevada Republican Party released a video of a woman whose dead grandmother voted in the 2020 election.

    The Trump campaign filed suit in Nevada, alleging that it has proof that dead people and nonresidents voted in the election.

    A woman alleged that she could not vote because someone had stolen her mail-in ballot and voted in her place. Thieves also stole her roommate's ballot.

    A poll worker was barred from access when he tried to monitor the vote.

    1. Ok, 11:55, now back all these airy accusations with links from CREDIBLE sources. Not the slanted garbage you've been reading.

      We'll wait...oh, four years or so!

  63. Pennsylvania

    In Erie, a postal worker whistleblower revealed to Project Veritas that supervisors told postal workers to give any ballots that came in after November 3 (the election deadline) directly to the supervisors. The supervisors then gave the ballots a "November 3" postmark and delivered them.

    In Luzerne County, someone found nine military ballots in the trash. Seven of the nine were votes for President Trump. No one knows how many other ballots may also have been discarded.

    In Allegheny County, with 35,413 ballots still outstanding, the election staff took the day off from counting on Thursday so they could do "administrative work."

    Republicans election-observers went to court to get an order enforcing a six-feet viewing distance instead of the 100 feet distance that campaign officials were allowing. The court granted the order, but two hours later, while the campaign officials had moved the barriers 94 feet farther into the room, they'd moved the ballot machines farther away, once again beyond the observers' line of vision.

    Kathy Boockvar, the secretary of the commonwealth, tried hard to explain away as a clerical error the fact that counties were returning more mailed in ballots than anyone had requested.

    A Democrat named the "PhillyGodfather ® Sports Bettor" apparently tweeted out a shocking video of bad things happening. His post has since vanished from Twitter. However, if you go to his Twitter feed, he claims that there's shocking stuff, including individuals voting as many as six times.

    Democrat officials are giving the Biden camp private information about the margin of victory they anticipate for him — almost as if they've got a hand in creating it.


    Democrat Rep. Abigail Spanberger, who had been down by about 1,350 votes, suddenly surged into the lead when officials "discovered" thousands of "overlooked" ballots just hanging around on a flash drive.


    Police in Greenville, Wisconsin found three trays of mail in a ditch. The trays included absentee ballots.

    This is just a partial list of the fraud.

  64. The 3rd world country of Brazil, with 220,000,000 people had an election this year and counted all the votes in 24 hours.

    Of course, they didn't have BLM thugs counting votes in the dark of night.

  65. “The media speaks with one voice. The print, TV, NPR, social media, and the anti-Trump Internet sites exercise censorship and control the explanations. We are experiencing a well- designed and successful coup against … red-state America.”

    The Democrat Party is now in the hands of indoctrinated leftists who despise the working class and champion “oppressed minorities.” Immigration floodgates will be thrown open. Red states will be cut out of the federal budget. Gutsy Republicans such as Devin Nunes and Jim Jorden will be falsely investigated, and Trump will be falsely prosecuted. The rest of us will be silenced in one way or the other.

    What else? In Seattle, the voters voted for more life à la Portland; surrounding white people’s residences, berating their “old, white asses,” and terrifying them. It’s hard not despise one’s neighbors in liberal states.

    "Asking for people to be peaceful is white supremacy"

    I DO despise them.

  66. Third-World Election (in a country aspiring to become a more virtuous “Shithole Country“).

    In America: A third world election.

    In Britain: A police state.

    Just four years after Trump and Brexit the globalists have used all apparatuses of the state to bring Western norms to their knees. https://t.co/nIIhhgdRWR

    — Raheem Kassam (@RaheemKassam) November 5, 2020

  67. ^^There are no globalists.

  68. Biden sure wasn't lying when he said he built the most extensive voter fraud organization in history.

  69. @ 9:38 - You have just proven something most people would not want to do - that you are one ignorant son of a bitch. Word to your mom again.

  70. Win or lose, this Presidential election will be recorded as a sham if Clueless Joe wins. He won’t serve out his term, dead or prison but his life will end bleakly. As for the Plaza, Lucas has ruined it through his incompetence as a failed mayor. Democrats, in most cases, are incompetent leaders. We saw it this summer as Dem cities burned.
    The Plaza is dead. Many great options that don’t involve safety and violence. I don’t enjoy watching black thugs wondering around smoking weed.
    We stopped going to the Plaza as high number of rapes, violent, overpriced, and unappealing. Kansas City has become a dangerous Hell hole to avoid.

  71. Typical KC MAGAT11/6/20, 1:09 PM

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  72. 1:09 you are losing every day. Your Libtard party will be blocked at every turn. You lost several Congressional seats and we held the Senate. You girl Bollier got her ass handed to her. Ass holes like you will lose your entire lives as you have no moral compass or common sense. Stay losing! It’s fun to watch.

  73. Bulldoze the plaza. Its just an old strip mall. Thats all. Build some upper bracket homes there on 2 to 3 acre lots. People will never go to a mall in the future. Amazon has won! In 15 years people will laugh at the though of the malls - they will be buggy whips.

    Plaza is a rat infested, germy place that attracts weirdos.

  74. ^^and yet you're losing the Senate as we speak!! Maybe get your head outside of the bubble once in a while. Dems will hold all three branches. Sounds like Mandate to pack the court! Too bad!

    1. Yet you aren’t and you are an uninformed liar.

  75. Did you hear the DEMOCRAT governor and the DEMOCRAT Secretary of State in Georgia were manipulating the vote totals! The president said so!

    Oh wait they're Republicans, Mr. Trump.

  76. Gosh, all this super-reliable information from TWITTER demands an investigation!!!

  77. 12:50

    Yes there are.
    They are called Jews.

    And before you call me "anti-semitic" let me save you the trouble.
    I am.

  78. 9:41 made some of the best points here so far and you losers ignored it. Some people can't handle the truth.

    Lets just do another Presidential election alone where you have to vote in person and prove who you are. You'll see some shocking results if that were to happen.

  79. fellow republicans, by now you realize, excluding the democratic minority races and democratic construction, that the democrats are a weak people.

    look at the map that denotes red and blue. the west shows me they goofed long ago and on the east tells me none were/are confident to venture westward or southward.

    we'll wait it out - there's nothing else better to do.

  80. President Trump had NO job experience in the field of politics. We need to require 10 years of public service in Govt. before someone can be considered for President.

    If George Clooney ran all the women would vote him in.

    If Bezos wanted to buy his way in - he could.

    We must require some experience in the field. This is a joke today.

  81. I agree with 9:41 as well. Incompetence cost Donnie four more years, and running on boogeyman fear and lies didn't exactly work.

  82. Strait up voter fraud. Biden said that how he'd WIN.

    So IT'S allegedly true.

    Appears tons of election board officials that slanted for BIDEN got mortgage loans and homes paid off aka bribes allegedly nation wide.

    This is being reported everywhere. Thus the hold up with the 4 states.

    This appears to have been well planned scheme. So BUSTED..

    Talk about a STIMULUS PACKAGE MORTGAGE LOANS RANGING FROM $50,000 Grand to over $500,000 to sell out the voters for Biden..

    Light at the end of the tunnel.

  83. ^^and yet it's being reported nowhere and is another lie in a list of over 25,000 documented President Trump lies. Sorry, go sell that shit elsewhere. This election means never entertaining dumbshits like you again. Weird.

  84. The biggest dum shit on here is you. But, you are good entertainment for all of us educated people.

  85. ^^really MAGAT? "dum"? Go fuck yourself. Kill yourself please. Biden just got PA, it's over. Time for all good MAGATS to implement their Final Solution. Bye bye now.

    1. Hateful little creep.....I just got done seeing your Mom. She still swallows.

  86. Wow, mortgage loans? Reported everywhere?

    C'mon. You can stop now.

    IT'S OVER.

  87. "This is being reported everywhere. Thus the hold up with the 4 states."

    Ummmm. Like where?

  88. Biden just doomed the middle class..... again. He announced the first thing he’s gonna do is get back in the Paris climate accords.

    Middle class wiped out again and he said he wouldn’t do this to those of us who voted for him. He outright lied and now gas will be $4:00 a gallon and everything else will go up double or triple the price it was. Can I and millions of other Americans who voted for him get our votes back? Serious question.

  89. ^^and yet to have ZERO idea what’s tied to fuel prices. Typical. Weird.

  90. Straight up fraud from Dems. So not surprised.

  91. "On Thursday the Michigan Republican Party held a press conference and said that a glitch in the tabulating software in one county gave 6,000 Republican votes, including those for President Trump, to Democrats.

    One Michigan county clerk caught a glitch in tabulation software so they hand counted votes and found the glitch caused 6,000 votes to go to Biden + Democrats that were meant for Trump and Republicans. 47 MI counties used this software. All must check now! pic.twitter.com/21AXyJZDZi

    — Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) November 6, 2020

    “In Antrim County, ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans, causing a 6000-vote swing against our candidates,” Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox said.

    “The county clerk came forward and said, ‘tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the votes.’ Since then, we have now discovered that 47 counties used this same software in the same capacity,” she added. “Antrim County had to hand count all of the ballots and these counties that used this software need to closely examine their result for similar discrepancies.”

    "Software Glitch" = Democrats stealing the election, just tell it like it is.

  92. "Why cannot Nevada, of all places, count votes? The state’s entire economy was built on counting things. These stoppages have not been explained and are far from being above suspicion. They provide the opportunity to cheat, and Democrats and the media have shouted their motive for four years."

    Answer - because, obviously dummy, they are cheating.

  93. Here is AOC requesting an "enemies" list of Trump supporters so they can be "dealt with".


  94. “Jennifer Rubin, a Washington Post columnist and Never Trumper, tweeted that anyone challenging the 2020 election results should not only be disqualified from holding public office, but ostracized from society.

    “Any R now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into ‘polite’ society,” she tweeted. “We have a list.”
    — Jennifer ‘Count Every Vote’ Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) November 6, 2020

    (At least she put polite in quotes)

    “ Prior to the election, some left-wing commentators called for a South Africa-style “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” for Trump supporters.,The original Truth and Reconciliation Commission death with gross abuses of human rights, primarily by the apartheid regime, which imposed racial segregation and tortured and murdered political dissidents in custody.“

    Bolsheviks gonna Bolshevik

  95. Democrats have done such a great job in their states in this election. What cheats.

    Do they even know how many ballots they have? It doesn’t sound like it.

    Pennsylvania Department of State spokeswoman Laura Humphrey on provisional ballots: "As of 11:30 this morning, we have 85K provisional ballots reported so far, from 56 [of 67] counties. For most of those counties, that is only a partial count."

    — Holly Otterbein (@hollyotterbein) November 6, 2020

    And the problem is that it looks like ballots just keep coming until they can guarantee a Biden win. This isn’t the way to handle an election. Especially when they do things like keep poll watchers out. One has to ask: What is it that you are trying to prevent people from seeing when you do things like that?

  96. Reality striking close to home...
    smart Ratpublicans like Sam Graves have already leapt from the Trumptanic and are clinging to floating debris (ALL VOTES SHOULD BE COUNTED), while stupid and deluded ones like Josh Hawley continue to try to stand on the tilting deck, frantically trying to bail out the crumbling hulk with their extremely limited verbal teaspoons.

    ("Leadership" brought to you by Ronald McConnelld and Graham the Cracker)

  97. Joe. Please close everything except grocery stores and gas stations. Thank you.

  98. @12:32 says this...
    "The 3rd world country of Brazil, with 220,000,000 people had an election this year and counted all the votes in 24 hours."

    But does not mention that all the ballots distributed to the population of Brazil (actually 209,000,000+) had been pre-marked and pre-counted.

    The USA is not a 3rd World Banana Republic, no matter how much the GOP wants it to be or Trump thinks it is.

  99. I for one, wish the Supreme Court had stepped in and acceded to Trump's demand that the counting of ballots cease on Tuesday night.

    There was never a point in time Tuesday when Biden wasn't ahead of Trump by enough votes to secure an Electoral College victory if the vote count had been stopped at any particular point, and all this horse crap would be settled.

  100. Throwing away Trump ballots in the basement.



    Because of corona virus our basement dwellers cannot vote on election day so we need mail in ballots to cheat; we mean vote.

    So Joe Biden, who can't string two sentences together, will be President.

    Meanwhile 75 million angry, armed Americans are pissed.

    Good luck Democrats obtaining cooperation for anything.

    I hope BLM, ANTIFA and the other Communists get butt hurt during Biden's tenure and burn down Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee which those cities deserve for stealing this election.

  102. All these links posted here are to people who claim to have knowledge of illegal acts being committed to sway the ballot count to Biden!
    Did they report those crimes to Law Enforcement?
    Were any of the perpetrators arrested?
    If not, is there a "conspiracy" against Trump by every Law Enforcement Agency in the Nation?

    Because, if nothing happened except "disclosing" these SERIOUS CRIMES on social media or alt-right Talk Shows, they begin to smell like what the Bull leaves behind when he goes back to the Barn.

  103. I'm calling bullshit on 8:22 & 8:31. I was on both sides of the state line today, and the cheapest gas I saw was $1.87. If you're seeing 1.49, prove it.

  104. Got your ticket for President Donald Trump's Victory Rally yet?
    Don't worry if you haven't, I understand there are still lots of them available.

  105. One thing for sure that was validated this election.

    Democrats are the dumbest, most incompetent people on this planet. The five states still counting ballots three days after the election are Democrat controlled states. Every other state was finished election night.

    Usually really dumb people cheat as well to make up for their incompetence.

  106. ^^^^And yet they are not all "Democrat controlled" states. Check your facts, MAGAT.

  107. Johnson Clinton Trump11/6/20, 8:29 PM

    "Facts? We don't got to show you no Steeking Facts!"
    El Donaldo, Bandit(s) leader - "Treasure of The Sierra Maralogo"

  108. And the dimwit followers are proud of how bad they just fucked themselves over by electing dementia joe. I sure hope they saved some money because as long as a dimwit is president the only people getting rich is the biden crime family, hunter is in charge while daddy is president because daddy can’t run his “businesses” while he’s president, sound familiar jack asses.

  109. The MAGA movement will not end. We retained the Senate and made gains in The House. Dementia Joe nor Kameltoe have no credibility and we will never accept the Presidential election results. Libs should be very afraid. The next four years will result in you pansies looking over your shoulders. Dems are the party of racism and hate and your hate will be met at every turn.

  110. ^^And yet you did NOT take the Senate whatsoever. There will be two run-off votes in GA in January to determine the Senate. Of the Dems win both, it will be tied 50-50 with Kamala holding the tie breaker. So in addition to being a filthy MAGAT, you’re one dumb mother fucker. Now go to your bunker and implement your final solution like the rest of the losers did. Bye bye Don.

  111. We won the Senate, gained seats in Congress. Republicans unseated Dems in state races.
    Your President will die from Alzheimer’s.....counting down as we speak and may not see Inauguration Day. He is a feeble crook. You are a dying party.

  112. Joe’s brain is eroding. As I write this it had died some more. Dementia eating it away. He will be dead in two years.

  113. Joe is dying. The Dems are dying. The Democratic Party built on a foundation of lies, hate, and violence is dying....dying with each second. 10:00 is a loser.

  114. ^^^^^ Yet Sleepy Joe Biden just knocked Dear Leader the fuck out. Weird.

  115. Now taking bets on which Trump family member enters Federal prison first. I’ve also got a side bet going if you want in. Does Trump completely lose his remaining wealth before or during incarceration?

  116. Dementia eats at Joe’s brain. He’ll be in a wheelchair within a year. Incoherent and unable to function. His brain is being eaten away. Small holes appear. It will kill him soon.

  117. Joe’s brain is more dead than last evening. Time is short for Joe.


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