Kansas City Copes With Turkey Day Despair

Local public radio lamentation for this year's lost tradition that was claimed by the pandemic. 

Check the overly sentimental eulogy for an occasion that most people take for granted . . .

Alone Together: How We Are Grieving the Loss of This Thanksgiving

As we enter the holiday season battered by the year's events, the sentiments that often accompany this time of year will likely be intensified. COVID-19 will uproot family gatherings and alter holiday plans throughout the country as numbers of infections continue to grow, and are projected to continue scaling upwards.


  1. Yes, people are really going to change their habits. Nice theory. "I am not going to visit my family this year for fear of Covid." However, I do pull my mask down to talk to a stranger while in a Walmart line. Are you a f'tard ?

  2. Us old folks are all getting together because we aren’t stupid and haven’t been around the young people who are constantly out and about, I’m actually fine with that because it doesn’t affect them at all. Most of my family of old farts is in good health and stay active so hell yes we’re partying today. Fuck the mayor and his fake and worthless health dept. we all know who the Kung fu flu is affecting and we stay away from those people.

  3. There’s les than 1900 active cases in kcmo right now, it’s on the web site, they try to hide it but if you know how to find it it’s there for all to see.

  4. Well then, @10:07, try your best not to make it 1901 -and if you fail, keep it to yourself.

  5. From the fat fake dark winter new normal psychopath dr rexy....

    “The Kansas City Health Department started Thanksgiving off with a warning, urging people that if they gather with loved ones for Thanksgiving, "(T)here won't be room at the hospitals for everyone next week."

    Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha!

    Who the fuck do they think they’re kidding with this b.s.? Less than 1900 active cases and he’s freaking out. (0.28%) of the entire population of killer kc I might add. We all know this has nothing to do with every bodies health, it’s all about federal dollars, the more threats you make the more money you get. I’m going to a very large family thanksgiving with young and old people, try and stop me and the other 35 people going, I fucking dare you.

  6. 10:31 stay in your basement bedwetter, that’s where your future president is! Lmao!

  7. I work around 105 people everyday and have since the plandemic started, only two people have gotten covid since March and they had minor symptoms for three days, we wear masks about half the time, praise the lord and call the pope there’s been a miracle! It hasn’t affected our business or lives one damn bit.

  8. How many cases of HIV and AIDS are in the Metro ? You know, the Pandemic of over 40 years. The Pandemic promoted by every place with unicorns, rainbow stickers /flags and advancement of the spreaders. You go bitches.


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