Kansas City Considers ObamaCare Kaput

Before our right-wing pals get too giddy . . .

Justices Roberts, Kavanaugh signal hesitance to strike down ObamaCare

On the other side of the spectrum, here's the local pitch to enforce the increasingly unworkable status quo . . .

Kansas City health experts give advice on Affordable Care Act enrollment

More than 20 million U.S. citizens rely on the Affordable Care Act, often referred to as Obamacare, for medical insurance coverage. With legal challenges ongoing and the open enrollment period for next year underway, a lot of people have a lot of questions about how to handle signing up for 2021.


  1. Spread Bathhouse Barry's ACA enrollment forms on the floor. Whichever plan your dog pees on is the one for you.

  2. Or if you don't own a dog, just rely on Trump care - crawl off and die, Peasant!

  3. If you like your Doctor, you can keep your Doctor... Lying Fucks.

  4. Why drop the health insurance for 20 million people when covid19 is hitting new high levels? Dropping Obamacare would be stupid.

  5. 2:55...why should those losers be a burden on me? I have my own family to worry about...no one is going to help us. Fuck off.

  6. someone in your family could turn out to be a 'loser', unlike you of course, and instead of having to worry about their healthcare, they can enroll in the ACA. Which is really catastrophic insurance with high deductible/out of pocket, free colonoscopy, free lipid panel, allows the insurance company to reduce physician fees, while insurance companies make a killing.

  7. For women ACA gives free preventative mammograms pap smears, i think free IUDs and for men free vasectomies, in addition to the free annual physician visit/lipid panel & catastrophic coverage.

    To get a non catastrophic policy in ACA-- better out of pocket/deductible & 20 copay to physician-- you have to pay at least the same price that a single person would pay for private insurance before ACA ~$250.

  8. If you want to pay out the backside for insurance, go right ahead.
    No fan of barry, but the difference between crappy insurance of $1500 a month for a family of 3 that covers 50% at best with huge deductibles and a $ 550 a month aca with $0 doctor visits $2500 yearly deductible is huge......

  9. Obamacare sucks for self-employed people.

  10. Obamacare was a good deal for those who are poor enough to qualify for public subsidies but a very bad deal for those who do not qualify for subsidies. As they usually do, the Democrats screwed over the working class.

    Not having insurance is not the same as not getting treatment. Every emergency room in the country is plastered with posters saying they have to provide medical products and services even if you can't pay for them.

    If Obamacare were the panacea it is made out to be, we would have experienced a decline in mortality rates from the time of its implementation to now. There has been no such decline.

  11. Trump picked 3 justices to overturn Obamacare. They won't do it.

    Trump failed at his most basic job and his base was suckered again.


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