Friday, November 06, 2020

Kansas City Classical Music Overnight

For our beloved late night readers, we share some softer and more elaborate melodies than the techno, hip-hop and hard rock we usually pass along. 

Given that this cowtown's love for classical music has recently been highlighted, here's Kansas City high art performance featured amid the continued pandemic . . . 

“KC Performs,” a new program developed by Kansas City PBS, is designed to help close the gap between audiences and artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this installment, violinist Orin Laursen of Park International Center for Music performs.

Even better, another local institution advances their legacy of musical excellence with new music . . .

Hear the stories behind the music, as Jonathan Leshnoff previews his Piano Concerto as performed by pianist Joyce Yang and the Kansas City Symphony.

Of course we hope that savage TKC readers enjoy these soothing sounds for the overnight . . . Hopefully, we'll have more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!