Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Stays Winning 'Sexiest Sports Guy' Ranking

Posted only because we all understand that there are a great many fanboys who are oddly curious about this celebration of footballer hotness.

Moreover . . .

There are many ways I've sacrificed my dignity in order to write this blog. But linking THIS is one of the worst . . . Check-it:

Sexiest Man Alive 2020: Readers' Choice Poll Results

Sexiest Man Alive 2020: Readers' Choice Poll Results


  1. No offense Patrick, but the only thing sexy about you is $500,000,000!

  2. ^^^^So true my woman says as far as guys go he isn't hot at all and his woman is just along for the ride long as the fame and money is there.

  3. I see Dr. Rex Archer made the sub-category list as "Most Likely to Smell His Armpits in Public."

  4. Readers' Choice Poll Results?

    It's People magazine, folks!
    Readers were not polled, there was no tabulating of votes, it's advertising!

  5. Shannon Christian and Christopher Newsome11/19/20, 7:57 AM

    (((People Magazine)))


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