Sunday, November 08, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs Open Thread

Super Bowl champs are favored in this low rent contest that doesn’t command as much attention as playoff competition. Still, here are a few game notes worth sharing for this contest that's mostly being politely ignored.

Nearly KC Crunch Time

Five things to watch as the Chiefs host the Panthers

As the 7-1 Kansas City Chiefs enter the second half of their regular season schedule, it feels like their bye week is coming at an advantageous time. They have one more game against the 3-5 Carolina Panthers at home, followed by a week of rest as they prepare for their final seven games.

No Fun League Fine

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce fined for goalpost dunk celebration vs. Jets

Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce caught a fine from the "No Fun League" for his Week 8 touchdown celebration against the New York Jets. According to reports from NFL Network's Ian Rapoport and KC Star beat writer Herbie Teope, Kelce was fined $12,500 for his goalpost dunk.

Fanboy Big Bucks Await

Patrick Mahomes Holy Grail Card Collection Up For Sale For $7.5 MILLION!

A Holy Grail collection of Patrick Mahomes cards is up for sale ... and some of the pieces in the set are so rare and unique -- the asking price is a cool $7.5 MILLION!!! The owners of the cards -- 29-year-old Robert DeArmitt Jr.

Champs Confront COVID

Andy Reid talks about Chiefs' exposure to coronavirus this week

There's been news about the novel coronavirus swirling around the Kansas City Chiefs this week - and on Friday, head coach Andy Reid answered reporter's questions about it. It started on Thursday morning, when the Chiefs revealed that a member of the team's staff - later identified as the team's head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder - had tested positive for the virus.

QB Mom Is Prez Trump Fan

Patrick Mahomes' Mom Goes On Rant About Biden-Trump Presidential Election

While many athletes have made sure to make their voices heard as the country awaits the final results of the 2020 presidential election, some family members of those athletes have decided to put in their opinions as well. Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes' mom decided to take to her personal Instagram account and post some subtle shots at presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Preggo Brit Still Showing Off Insta-Booty

Patrick Mahomes' Fiancée, Brittany Matthews, Flaunts Pert Backside In Formfitting Leggings

Brittany Matthews, who is engaged to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, flaunted her pert backside for her 732,000 followers on Instagram. She used the multi-photo post to announce the release date for Balance Athletica's fall collection of apparel.

Close Game Conclusion

Final score: Chiefs edge Panthers 33-31, enter bye week 8-1

The Kansas City Chiefs rallied from a 14-3 deficit to defeat the Carolina Panthers 33-31 at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. The Chiefs improved to 8-1 entering their bye week, while the Panthers dropped to 3-6. Panthers kicker Joey Slye missed a 67-yard field goal wide right as time expired.

Developing . . .


You heard it here first said...

One and one on the playoffs.


Anonymous said...

^^You also said Trump in a landslide so hard pass on anything you say. Moron.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^Trump did in Jackson county you loser.

Anonymous said...

They'll get blown out first round.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Chiefs!

Anonymous said...

The NFL is dead to me. Screw them. They are political activists.

Anonymous said...

TOP PHOTO: Courtesy of 3rd rate Photoshop effort

Anonymous said...

Our cheerleaders are ugly. We need to get some hot slut cheerleaders.

Anonymous said...

Tony can barely type. Cut him some slack on the graphics.

Anonymous said...

Where's Kelce's Go Fund Me page?

Anonymous said...

It's called divorce.

Anonymous said...

That Patrick Mahomes is so ugly he's really hard to look at. That women he's with isn't a beauty either but she's better looking than he is. But I guess money talks with some women.

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Anonymous said...

I wish they would quit causing The Simpsons to run late because of this pointless sport.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs win AGAIN!! MVP Mahomes 4 more TD passes! Chiefs rule, Biden wins, great day for America!

Anonymous said...

You took time out from your gay bar to post that?

Anonymous said...

Chiefs win in Biden style!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Biden style? So they cheated while using a token for a poster child?

Anonymous said...

That was derogatory guys I thought those little b****** could barely hang on. But at least they didn't have to cheat.

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Anonymous said...

Corporate Media is located in New York.

Broadcasters are all prep school and Ivy League elites with family and fraternity ties across the networks.

The nation's Blue Bloods don't like Trump so they have given Corporate Media it's marching orders to declare the election for Biden.

Label Trump a racist and get the minorities worked up to riot.

Too much money to be lost for the Blue Bloods if Trump protects American jobs and plays tough with slave labor Communist China.

Orders have been given to block the President's press conferences and any supporter's Tweets regarding the rampant election fraud perpetrated on the American public.

It's a Presidential Coup by the elites; pure and simple.

Blue Blood Republicans like the Romneys, Bush's and McCain's are on board.

The real losers will be the working class that voted for Biden as their wages and benefits will be further suppressed by China slave labor and illegal immigration.

Like Sheeple, they bought the red meat call of racism by the Democrat Party.

Anonymous said...

"But I guess money talks with some women."

No shit, Sherlock. Brilliant observation, Captain Obvious. Duh!

What do you mean "some?"

Mahomes is a Joke said...

Chiefs just barely won. Everyone all excited Homie threw 4 touchdowns well golly gee that's what he gets paid for so what the big fucking deal about it. Four fucking quarters and 4 touchdowns was the best he could do? Over paid asshole.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you CHUD!