Kansas City Charity Running Out As COVID-19 Pandemic Endures & Worsens

Generous locals are being stretched thin by historic demand as funds dwindle and EVERYBODY awaits a new round of federal stimulus.

Check-it . . .

Local charities take a hit in a pandemic

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- We all know that 2020 has taken some radical turns, and we've had no choice but to find creative ways to navigate through it. But, that navigation has been especially tough on non-profits in the Kansas City area.


  1. People aren't working. Businesses are closed. No mystery here.

  2. The mayor and his psycho health director have people too scared to make donations. They’re too blame for everything

  3. If people are waiting on another stimulus payment, they better get comfortable waiting. Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, don’t care that some people are in food pantries while they continue their pissing matches and take more long breaks back at their mansions. Every person in congress should have the same 8 year term limit the president has. The fat cats that have been lazing around for 20, 30, 40 years are pathetic and have completely lost touch with reality.

  4. Talk about sad sights, I almost cried today walking into Quik Trip and there was no roller food cooking, the grills were silent. Ever the half price donuts after 3pm were replaced with prepackaged unappetising donuts! It all just so sad and unfair to me 🥺🥺


  5. Get the charity money from Patrick Mahomes and your Mayor. Mahomes needs to put his money where his mouth is he's a hypocrite doesn't lift a finger to do what he protests about, and the mayor is putting everyone out of business and work. DUH flipping idiots.

  6. For the past 25 years we have heard the same story..why?


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