Kansas City Catalytic Converter Crime Spree

Desperate local scumbags are increasingly targeting cars as money gets tight and crimes of opportunity become increasingly attractive for the criminal class. 

Check-it . . .

'I didn't know it was such an issue': Metro seeing rise in catalytic converter thefts

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A rise in the price of precious metals has apparently sparked a surge in the theft of an easily accessible car part. Law enforcement agencies around the metro agree catalytic converter thefts are becoming a huge problem. "There's people like me who can't afford to just go out and put $500 [...]


  1. Hahahaha, fuckin' meth heads. The easiest way to crack down on it would be checking the recyclers. I scrapped out an old vehicle of mine last year, they only offered $20 for both of em, wasn't worth the gas to drive over there. The amount of work that goes into getting them I would not think worth it.

  2. Don’t park your vehicle in KCMO. Just drive through with the windows up without stopping.

    It used to be such a nice city.

  3. ^^nah, we're not pussies like you are.

  4. 11:24, that’s because nothing you have, including your life, is worth anything to anyone but a scrapyard.

  5. ^^^ they turned him down for scrap so...

  6. Killer kc is the crime and murder capitol of the world! Yea baby!


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