Thursday, November 12, 2020

Kansas City Builds Affordable Ford E-Transit

Before today's pix & deets were released, Kansas City learned that it would be the location to construct this more practical competition to Tesla domination of the electric vehicle market. 


Ford unveils E-Transit electric cargo van with 126 miles of range and $45,000 price tag

Ford unveiled the all-electric version of its popular Transit delivery van, with connected vehicle technology to help commercial fleet owners better manage their cargo operations. The E-Transit will have a smaller battery and less range than most passenger EVs released in recent years, but Ford insists that it will be more than sufficient to meet the last-mile delivery needs of its commercial customers.


Anonymous said...

The new contract isn't enough pay to put up with Ford. Hell if you start and drive a ratty old non Ford you have to park a quarter of a mile away.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Does Ford REALLY think any Company is going to pay $45,000 for a van that you can only drive 126 miles without recharging?

Of course, they are the Company that up-sized the Ranger for no reason other than it was outselling their overblown and overpriced F-150s.

Anonymous said...

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