Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Kansas City Bloggers Against Prez Trump

Our colleagues in the local discourse prove exceptional in parroting the talking points promoted by cable news. 

The thoughts aren't quite original but diligently work to advance the ideas devised by smarter people. Check-it . . .

JimmyC: Team Trump was causing me quite a bit of anxiety and discomfort. Descending to the worst case scenario, I tormented myself with thoughts of what might happen if every Republican who had anything to do with the certifications in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia got on board Trump’s runaway team and refused to acknowledge Biden’s victories in those states.

Mo Rage: Where we stand now with this Republican Party President . . . He's fighting, still fighting to ignore our vote, our votes, our election and to deny our Democracy

Kansas Reflector: Silence by U.S. Senators, including those from Kansas, has put our democracy in danger

Don't get it twisted, TKC is neither a conservative nor a progressive and it won't make a difference in my life if they crown a can of cranberry sauce as king of the Americas. 

It's simply worthwhile to witness so many local adults pretend that any of this stuff actually matters in their day to day lives and dutifully repeat the talking points that are not so cleverly disguised as news.

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

Whiny-assed bastards.
Grow up.
He lost. Go find another boogey man.

Anonymous said...

^^whore chi Minh socialist cock smoker who loves being dominated by big Pharma and the ccp while having air, water and food taxed. Que CW2.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we now get to kill lots of brown people in the middle east, maybe north korea too!

Line up like the brainwashed at jonestown for your vaccine that's 95% effective for a virus that has a 99.95% survival rate.

Interestingly, the side effects of the vaccine are the same symptoms of the virus - interesting because over 80% of the people KNOWN to get the virus have no or very minor symptoms anyway.

Go JoePedo

chuck said...

Jimmy thinks Raffenssperger is a great hero for acquiescing to the pressure from Democrats. What pressure? He and the Republican Governor went all in on Dominion and Smartmatic to the tune of 106 Million dollars when they KNEW it was a fraudulent system created, in order to create fraud. There are investigations as I type, into the pay for play deal that brought that corrupt system into play.

Dominion has close ties to the Clinton Foundation, Nancy Pelosi and many of the low life grub worms who live under the floorboards of our nation's house.


It's corrupt, soup to nuts.

Again - I would ask ya to watch the videos and remember, this system is in place all across the nation.


Jimmy and Mo Rage can assert for 3 years, as did the rest of the Democrats that there was "Russian Collusion" and then, after it is categorically proven, that the collusion was concocted, ex nihilo, out of whole cloth, a fuckin fabrication used to cripple and destroy, with Mens rae pre meditated criminal intent, the Trump administration ALL THE WHILE KNOWING IT WAS A LIE, yet Republicans are somehow destroying Democracy when they look into outrageous "in your face" election fraud three weeks ago, is the very definition of hypocrisy.

No one is surprised, after all, democrats are special.

Anonymous said...

Whiny little girly men!

Anonymous said...

Where's chuck? He needs to dutifully repeat his talking points. I really want to hear the one about Cuba, Venezuela, the Clinton Foundation, George Soros and Antifa that changed votes from Trump to Biden. Wow! So plausible, yet soooooo unproven. Now and forever.

Apparently Sidney Powell was too crazy for even Donald Trump? That seems impossible. But not for our chuckles! He'll be talking about it all through the holiday at his empty Thanksgiving table. Because face it, if you were one of chuck's kids, would you sit through that for five minutes without getting up and leaving?

But yes, there was a conspiracy, and yes, Donald Trump should have won! Of course! But why didn't the Democrats didn't also take control of the Senate, right? I guess they just forgot! When you're a dead Venezuelan president you forget a lot of things.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck..posting links from crackpot web sites doesn't make it true. Stop it. Produce the proof or shut your cock-hole. Remember, Trump hates people like you. They disgust him.

Anonymous said...


And when I say evidence, I mean stuff you can actually prove. Not your jibber-jabber.

At least lawyers know there are consequences for lying in court.

“This Court has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations, unpled in the operative complaint and unsupported by evidence. One might expect that when seeking such a startling outcome, a plaintiff would come formidably armed with compelling legal arguments and factual proof of rampant corruption … That has not happened.” - U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann


chuck said...

Again, 9:39, you ignorant slut, there is copious amounts of evidence of election fraud.

Sworn Affidavits, video, audio, text messages, witness testimony, bank records etc etc etc.

Here is the most compelling evidence of voter fraud but it is tuff sledding. Three videos that will take some time to watch. A C student at a local high school can probably understand this, if you made them sit still and forced them to learn it. It isn't that tuff, but it is boring.


They just flat the fuck out, subbed Trump votes out of the equation and put them in for Biden.

The graphs show traditionally (Decades) Republican precincts voting at even higher averages for Biden than Democrat precincts. This all happens after the mysterious "Shutdown" because the votes were overwhelmingly for Trump and the crooked algorithm that was supposed to just barely beat Trump and wouldn't look suspicious, was overwhelmed with Trump votes and was falling short.

The election was fuckin rigged soup to nuts.

Democrats create phony evidence of a crime, ex nihilo, then prosecute their political opponents criminally.

Democrats/Big Tech de-platform, suppress context and any information that is not part of the "Narrative" is worm holed. You are only allowed to see what Democrats approve of.

Democrats exaggerate the Covid in order to destroy small business and centralize the power of the Government.

Democrats testify under oath, then come out of the "secret" proceedings and LIE RIGHT INTO THE CAMERA ABOUT WHAT THEY JUST TESTIFIED ABOUT.

Democrats rig and fix elections and then pretend we are all so fuckin stupid we will just move on, because "There is nothing to see here".

The corruption in our government is endemic, emetic and morbidly pernicious.

Again, call me all the names you want. You are whistling through the graveyard. I don't know how this fraud will turn out, but, the information will NOT be suppressed because it is too explosive. Sure, at this point, Big Tech and the Fascists in the MSM/Deep State/DNC are screaming loud enough to drown out the truth and pretending that it does not exist. But like St. Augustine has said,
“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”

Of course, you snakes and reprobates on the left, will, like Adam Schiff, look right into the camera and gas light your fuckin ass off, but, this shit is NOT going away.

Your guy is a fraud, a crook, a contemptible traitor to his nation.

I am going to work. Keep watchin CNN

Anonymous said...

Chuck, LOL. Libertariannews.org. You're so funny it's almost sad.

Can you update us on Obamagate, Durham report and Hunter's laptop too please? Man, lotta Dems gonna be going to jail. It's just a matter of time, amirite.

Keep fighting that kooky fight my man. Never stop believing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, "there is copious amounts of evidence of election fraud." None of which survived scrutiny in a court of law, right?


Just stop, you fucking nutcase. Trump was a terrible president and the American people said so. If we had this election a dozen times you'd get the same result.

Yeah, you go to work and stew over your baseless conspiracy theories, bigshot. And don't burn my biscuits today, asshole.

Anonymous said...

China Joe Biden, MACA

Make America Corrupt Again

Retro ROCKER said...

Tonys Right Sleepy JOE hear we go.COME ON MAN.

Anonymous said...

^^aren't you the moron who said Trump wins in a landslide? 37 states I think you said. Go away.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^And you shit on everyone's comments all day long day in and day out so how about you STFU and go away.

Anonymous said...

MoRage is an idiot and I'm betting is also the weird guy and a few other of the hateful posters we see making comments. Mo loves Hillary, that should be enough of an explanation about where his head is.

Anonymous said...

"Jimmy thinks Raffenssperger is a great hero for acquiescing to the pressure from Democrats. What pressure? "

Ummmmm. Maybe pressure from voters he'd like to vote for him when he runs again? Maybe pressure from the fact that Biden had more votes than Trump and that's the way that hallowed relic of slavery, the Electoral College, works?

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:07; your hero Anderson Cooper had a baby.

Rumor has it Don Lemon and Jake Tapper are co-fathers.

Don't forget to send a card.

Sick to think Anderson Cooper who prowls Times Square for cock now has a baby in his household.

I'm sure Andy will have his little tyke undergo a sex change operation at age 8.

Democrats are disgusting deviants.

Anonymous said...

Lefty journalists and lefty web sites have their panties in a bunch. Trump is doing nothing that he does not have every right to do. Denying him those rights is the real threat to democracy, not that any of them actually care. It looks like his efforts will come up short. If so he will vacate the White House in time for Joe and Jill to move in. And the bad guys will get away with it yet again.

Anonymous said...

If the demon-crats get away with the theft of this election, there will not be another honest national election.

Adios America!

Everyone's freedoms will continually be eroded.

Even the troll hacks who pervert truth.

Anonymous said...

"Lefty journalists and lefty web sites have their panties in a bunch. Trump is doing nothing that he does not have every right to do."

Absolutely correct! Trump has every right to make as big a fool of himself and his clown show as is humanly possible while the parade passes by him by.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ the biggest fools are the idiots who voted China dark winter joe who’s still hiden in his basement looking for sista wife

Anonymous said...

Where’s joe???

Anonymous said...

Anybody seen joe???

Anonymous said...

Can’t find joe, he’s asleep somewhere so no questions just the same as it’s been for two months now. Might as well say it, the “lid” is permanent! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hey joe! What’s your favorite ice cream!

The world has to know the answers to this extremely difficult question! Hahahahaha!

Mo Rage said...

It matters.

Covid Worst in States with Republican Governors


If you're middle or lower class and vote Republican, you're voting against yourself.

Anonymous said...

Blathering about "where's Joe"?
Where's Donny the Loser?
The President-elect meets with advisers and the press daily, while the
Sore-Loser-In-Chief sulks and whines in hiding, trying to think of more ways to damage the Country in revenge for kicking his incompetent ass out.

Anonymous said...

Where's Joe? Where the fuck is Trump? Dude's been hiding in his bedroom since the election like a hs sophomore who just got dumped by his girlfriend and is ready to suck a pistol. Oh yeah, I forgot the two pressers where he came out, did his spiel and slinked off without answering a single fucking question.

What a little bitch.

So GTFOH with your "where's Joe?" schtick. It's tired, it's old and it's embarrassing. The guy you think doesn't leave his basement just clowned your fucking cult leader and put him out of a job.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City's firefighters are notoriously overweight and out of shape. Most of them suffer from numerous health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

Anonymous said...

I have a copy of the president's schedule right here:

Nov. 4 - Hide, fume, scheme
Nov. 5 - Hide, fume, scheme
Nov. 6 - Hide, fume, scheme
Nov. 7 - Golf!
Nov. 8 - Golf!
Nov. 9 - Hide, fume, scheme
Nov. 10 - Hide, fume, scheme
Nov. 11 - Hide, fume, scheme
Nov. 12 - Hide, fume, scheme
Nov. 13 - Hide, fume, scheme
Nov. 14 - Golf!
Nov. 15 - Golf!
Nov. 16 - Hide, fume, scheme
Nov. 17 - Hide, fume, scheme
Nov. 18 - Hide, fume, scheme
Nov. 19 - Hide, fume, scheme
Nov. 20 - Hide, fume, scheme
Nov. 21 - Golf!
Nov. 22 - Golf!

As for Biden, he is out there preparing to LEAD.

Anonymous said...

Trump paid $750 in income taxes.

I made 65K last year - if I paid only $750 people would call me a criminal.

You cant get a set of new tires for an SUV for $750.

Anonymous said...

"As for Biden, he is out there preparing to LEAD"

What is Joe Biden doing preparing to lead?

Putting on a fresh pair of Depends while hiding under his ping pong table in the basement.

The only think Biden is going to lead in the White House is number of Tapioca pudding cups consumed.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope they place plastic on the West Wing carpet to catch the dripping urine from Joe Biden's Depends.

Kamala will be doing Mayor Willie Brown and every other Democrat Mayor on the West Wing carpet. Yuk !

At age 29, Kamala was screwing a 69 year old married man to climb up the political ladder in California.

Now she is the United States Vice-President.

How far the mighty United States has fallen with future President Biden wearing Depends and Vice-President Harris being a whore.

Anonymous said...

Mo you ignorant slut.

Take Missouri for starters the two highest areas of Covid are St Louis and Kansas City which are ran by scum sucking demorcrates like you.

Now you have anything else stupid to say this morning?

Oh and your link has more holes in it than your head does.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^Also that post Mo shows does not have anything from experts, just some ass clown like Mo posting on a no name site.

Anonymous said...

Keep believing Sleepy Joe is sleeping. That way you won’t know how Joe is currently undoing EVERYTHING Trump put into motion. Everything!! Joe and his skilled team will remove all traces of Trump’s shitstain from the White House and government.


Anonymous said...

Damned straight! LOCK TRUMP UP!

Anonymous said...

"Sure hope they place plastic on the West Wing carpet to catch the dripping urine from Joe Biden's Depends."

And yet Trump is the one who was photographed after pissing his pants. Weird.

Anonymous said...

What is Joe Biden doing preparing to lead?

He's surrounding himself with smart people instead of toady sycophants. He's listening to actual scientists versus crackpot doctors.

The diaper jokes are stupid. I don't recall Biden pissing on any prostitutes however.

Anonymous said...

Lolz. It's well known Trump wears depends from years of drug abuse. But keep projecting Trumptards. Your cult leader is out of job. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers today for Trump. Here's hoping he didn't pull a shoulder out of socket patting himself on the back today celebrating, apparently his, stock market gains today.

Cripes, if there's a bigger malignant narcissist ass out there in the world I'd like someone to show me.

He can stop now, he lost the election so we all know anything of positive consequence has nothing to do with him. Fucking things up before he walks out the door is a whole other story.

W said...

Twenty years ago today, November 24th, George W Bush won the right to recount all of the votes in the hanging chad debacle in Florida, that recount took weeks with one dudes pic on the news every day looking at a ballot with a little square of paper hanging from it to decide if the voter intended for the vote to be for Bush or Gore. Don't get your panties in a bunch if this drama goes on for a few more weeks.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet it's over now. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Only idiot shithead Communists are mad the stock market is going up.

Kimberly Clark stock is way up as Joe Biden ordered a four year's supply of Depends to get him through his Presidency.

Probably he won't make it two years but at least he is well stocked up.

Poor China Joe leaking piss everywhere he goes. That's why he can only come out of his Ground Hog hole for only an hour a day.

Enjoy your stolen election; no one, not even Democrats support Joe Biden.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet only Trump was photographed in a pissy diaper. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Trump is widely disrespected for his adultery, playboy lifestyles, casino business that still owes people millions, his mocking of American war dead, mocking of McCain the week after he died, mocking of GW Bush after he offered a statement on Covid help, his use of twitter - a teenagers ap, his orange face, his horrible hair style, his animal like hand gestures while speaking, his use of "GREAT" and repeating the same sentence 3 times before saying something else, his pervert sounding voice, his weird Russian wife, and most of all - his heavy golf schedule when he should be working!

YOUR FIRED, Donald Trump! Fired!

Anonymous said...

2:47 enjoy your loss. enjoy your cult leader slinking out of the WH with zero honor or class. while you're at it, why don't you kick in some money to his election defense/campaign debt retirement fund you fucking pathetic mark. does it hurt to know you're a fucking schnook? a nobody who gets worked over by conmen like Trump. scoot on back to your basement and tee up your Infowars and QAnon websites. don't forget to put the tin foil hat on loser.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Lock him up chants