Kansas City BLM Protesters Unable To Bring Down Top Cop In 2020

The local "defund" the police movement didn't garner much traction and Chief Smith remains in power.

Moreover, the protest "momentum" clearly damaged Missouri Democrats statewide as voters rejected violence and perceived radicalism of politicos who aligned themselves with protesters.

Here's a glimpse at their side of the story . . .

Real change? After days of protests, Kansas City's racial justice movement keeps pushing on

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The protests first started in Kansas City and around the world after police officers killed George Floyd in Minneapolis. The protests continued for days, in some places weeks, as people demanded racial justice, equality and drastic changes to policing. "The protests were unprecedented in the Plaza this year.


  1. BLM brought down every Demonrat in a statewide in MO contest so there is that.

  2. BLM. Booger licking morons.

    1. You're so witty. You were definitely at the head of your class. Easy to see why you most likely voted Rep. For the big words you wanted to post, spellcheck could help you with your limited vocabulary. Did you even graduate. You booger licking moron!!

  3. Haiku from Wuhan Wanda:

    China Joe,
    You no win election,
    You no even get an erection!


  4. This BLM shit is going to stop or there is going to be a bloodbath in the streets of this country. I'm sick of this and so is everyone else take your BLM and shove it up your BLACK ASS. You people have been nothing but trouble in this country for years. Lazy ass morons.

  5. I don't want the blm crap to stop. I want to watch them eat the Demonrats. 😏🍿

  6. Nothing is ever enough,
    Nothing will ever be enough.
    The heck with these guys.

  7. When you're an "activist", your only claim to fame is to make "demands".
    If your demands ever stop, the red light on the TV camera goes off, the local "reporters" don't contact you, and your Twitter stream is ignored.
    So the demands continue and become more and more extreme.
    Soon you're left with just yourself and the most clueless of your "followers".
    Look around.
    The names aren't hard to see.

  8. Charles Whitman11/19/20, 11:13 AM

    The police are not the problem.
    The people (of any race) who break the law are the problem.


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