Sunday, November 08, 2020

Kansas City Bike/Walk Activists Promote Empty Bike Lane Safety Solution

Everyone wants safe streets but there's very little evidence that bike lanes protect cyclists, motorists or pedestrians.

Even worse, the pandemic has reduced traffic so much that cyclists were rarely seen this Summer.

Still, the advocacy continues as tragic testimony replaces data or cost/benefit analysis. 

Take a look . . . 

WDOR Proclamations: Communities recognizing the costs of unsafe streets

World Day of Rememrbance for Road Traffic Victims (WDOR) is an international day of observance that began 25 years ago to remember those killed and injured by traffic violence. Formally adopted by the United Nations in 2005, the day is also meant to thank emergency personnel and prompt communities around the world to grapple with the effects of these crashes and ways to stop them from happening.


Unknown said...

WTF! Is this a real thing or a joke?

Unknown said...

Joe Biden likes bike lanes.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of faggots in Kansas City but not enough to support this.

Anonymous said...

Thousands on the Rock Island bike trail yesterday.
Thousands. Families. Friends Dems and Republicans. All colors.
Nothing unites like a bike.
Many trailheads to start on.
More need to be built and streets need to be closed.
Cars need to be banned.
Defund gas stations today.
Don’t buy soft drinks or gas or little debbies.
Ask Biden to purchase one bike for every American.
Value = up to $3,000.
That’s the new health care plan.
Vote today!
Park your car at the local crusher and tell your bank where you have a loan to stick a fork in it!