Kansas City Activists Argue Against Racial Blame Game Amid 2020 Vote Count Hot Mess

Whilst we wait for a new American ruler president we consider the numbers game and demographics that have sparked a bit of debate among local diverse communities.

In a public post, the local group "Standing Up For Racial Justice" contends . . .

"There's lots of chatter this week about the Latinx vote, the Black male vote, whose "fault" it is that Biden doesn't have a larger margin. Stay focused - white people are the majority of voters, and the majority of Trump voters. For us as white people, we need to be holding our OWN communities accountable."

They offer this passage from a higher ranking politico as proof:

"Trump is only a viable candidate because of his overwhelming white support, up and down the income ladder and across generations. White voters are the constant.

"Trump LOST 90 percent of the Black vote in GA, 60 percent of the Latino vote in GA, but WON 70 percent of the white vote in GA. That's going to enough to squeak through with a win in GA.

"It doesn't matter if Biden won 90 percent of the Black vote in Florida or that he won the Latino vote in Florida —  62% of the electorate there is white, and six in 10 white Floridians voted for Trump. That's enough."

To wit . . .


Or at the very least, this identity politics tilt shift distracts us from realizing that the nation remains intensely divided and increasingly skeptical of the "news" they get from any source.

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Developing . . .


  1. you really shouldn't "blame" anybody for how they voted. It's their right.

    1. ^^^

      Totally blame my Grandfather for voting for Biden, he really should have considered how his decision would impact the nation and been more considerate when he died in 1985.

    2. ^^

  2. Possibly your most clever post of the week for anybody who bothers to read it closely. Thanks T.

  3. The fact that this communist even got re-elected is proof how far this country has fallen. Not complaining, just pointing out the obvious

  4. ^^^ I actually voted for the dipstick and I actually agree with you.

  5. Sorry..I was referencing the Cortez article. Lol

  6. I like the dueling rallies: Count the vote and stop the count. Trump supporters seem very confused.

  7. I wish Joe Biden 4 years of good health. I can’t that the thought of that whore Kamala Harris being president.

  8. Yes nothing is being mentioned about the voter fraud committed by Dems, tens of thousands of ballots showing up suddenly all marked for Biden, software glitches in a county in Michigan that counted more than 6k Trump votes for Biden and weren’t caught until a manual recount was done. Forty-seven other counties in Michigan used the same software and should be hand counted.
    Poll workers banned from observing vote counter when they are allowed by statute to be present and able to view the process, postal workers hand postmarking late ballots... this election is rife with fraud. Every legal vote (not those dead folks in Philly that voted), should be manually counted.

  9. There is no crises, & no controversy. It's just Trump lying again.

    The counting process is transparent, & proceeding smoothly. If Trump wants various states to change their laws then, he needs to write his Congressman & tell them to pass new legislation. He doesn't get to decide the rules after the game has started. He's still trying to be the arbiter of everything.

    The problem, if there is any, is the Electoral College. We don't need it.

  10. ^^^ you’re an idiot, you don’t even know what the electoral college is.


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