Johnson County COVID-19 Spike Deemed 'Exponential' By Doctors & Bloggers

Country club community news offers this health update despite political objections to pandemic bad news from right-wing conservatives. 

Take a peek . . .

Weekly COVID-19 Update: 'Exponential growth' in cases across Johnson County

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  1. This is not true!

  2. ^6and yet it is and you are absolutely unable to offer any valid opinions on facts on this. You're here, which means you failed. Sorry, not sorry. We've moved past morons like you. Continue to sit in the dark and be fed shit from Faux News, Breitbart, Parlor, and OAN like the mushroom you are.

  3. I work at a school. It definitely is true

  4. ^^Yea, but you're just the janitor so...

  5. White people are too stupid to be able to control the spread of covid 19.

  6. I saw Trump on March 15th say that only a few people had it and it would go away like magic. Trump waved his arms like he was erasing the virus out of the air.

    Now its killed more people than 1/2 the amount we lost in WWII. Soon it will be MORE than the amount of people we lost in WWII.

    Then how will Trump look? All you had to do was pay people to stay home.

  7. But China created this virus in a lab and unleashed it to defeat President Trump! All the Made in China MAGA hats were sprayed with it! Everybody knows this, why aren't you talking about it? Then the microchip vaccine will control our Brians! Somebody said it so it must be true


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