Thursday, November 19, 2020

JoCo COVID-19 Biz Rule Breakers Confront Penalty Of 500 Bucks

Suburban regulatory flex targets the growing number of small biz that have become increasingly angry at stricter rules whilst public health stats and warnings become dire amid the outset of cold & flu season.

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Businesses in Johnson County could face $500 fine for not following COVID-19 restrictions

The Johnson County Board of Commissioners voted 4-3 Thursday that the county can impose a $500 fine on business that fail to follow the revised COVID-19 restrictions that were imposed last week.Last week, the board passed an emergency order that reduces public mass gatherings to 50 people or 50% of a building's capacity and mandates that bars and restaurants close at 12 a.m.Chairman Ed Eilert, 1st District Rep.

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