Friday, November 13, 2020

JoCo Confronts Nursing Home COVID-19 Second Wave Crisis

Golden Ghetto pandemic numbers aren't looking good as coronavirus continues to threaten old school denizens of this enclave that STILL debates news on the worsening plague. 


COVID outbreaks on the rise in Johnson County long-term care facilities

JOHNSON COUNTY, KS (KCTV) -- Attention on the coronavirus situation at long-term care facilities seems to have waned amidst all the recent discussion about schools, but the number of outbreaks has done just the opposite. The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment's COVID-19 dashboard on Thursday showed 33 active outbreaks in long-term care facilities.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone notice the push on this COVID since right before the election. The scare tactics are unreal. That moon alien Lightfoot from Chicago is telling everyone they can't have Thanksgiving. You can't tell people what they can do in their own homes that's a dictatorship. Cali is doing the same thing. Get prepared folks the radical left is taking you down. They aren't going to stop until they do. Order out of chaos aka NWO.

Anonymous said...

^^OK CHUD. They are only making recommendations you dumbshit. of course they can't enforce it. Learn to think critically dummy, it can help you expand your mid and do more important things then post ignorance on blogs.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^Lightfoot implored Chicagoans to “cancel the normal Thanksgiving plans,” saying the skyrocketing cases show no signs of slowing and urgent steps were needed immediately. She stopped short of making the limitations mandatory, calling them a progressive step: “I hope we don't have to go any further than this.”

9:00 thats a clear threat to do it my way or I'll shut this bitch down. So STFU with your ignorant jabber.

Anonymous said...

^^^But is it though?? I mean I know thinking isn't your strong suit, you really don't do it at all, but think CHUD, how do you really enforce it?? Now blow me while I shit CHUD.

Anonymous said...

No thanks shit head, that’s your fantasy and no one elses

Clayton Bigsby said...

Don't anger Blumpkin boi