Friday, November 13, 2020

JoCo Close To Shutting Down Schools Again

Plague precautions and parent concern spark this meetup that doesn't bode well for those who dispute restrictions. 

Reality check . . . They aren't calling this meeting because everything is going great.

Johnson County Commissioners to hold 'urgent meeting' to discuss escalating COVID-19 numbers in the county

this morning more than 300 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus for being reported in our air. 3 21. In fact, Kansas City, Missouri, that brings the total caseload to more than 17,000 since the pandemic began. See the Orange Bar here?


Anonymous said...

“More than 300 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 are being reported in our area.”

Who writes this crap?

The article is supposed to be about Johnson county but yet somehow to make it seem worse than it is they confuse simple minded people with numbers from kcmo and the other counties on both sides of the state line. That’s six counties and two cities they’ve included in Johnson counties figures. Why oh why do they continue to try and confuse the masses? Dimwit narrative that’s why.

Anonymous said...

In North Korea they are forced to listen to propaganda. In the U.S. liberals listen to it willingly.