JFK Assassination Forgotten Today

Late night note for our most dedicated readers and history buffs. Today we remember that last time anybody really posed a threat to the status quo . . . And banged movie stars whilst doing it.

Remember . . .

'The heart has been cut out of us': The assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963, when he was shot as he rode in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas. Kennedy had started his term as the 35th president of the United States in January 1961.


  1. No comments on this story. No "I remember where I was" stories. The ironic thing about Kennedy is that he actually accomplished only two major things: the trip to the moon and the Peace Corps. It took one of our most unpopular, boorish presidents (Lyndon Johnson) to institute Kennedy's programs like Great Society, pass the voting rights and EEOC acts, and institute Medicare. Johnson coached the legislature about as well as Andy Reed does the Chiefs and got all these things done. Kennedy never had the skills to do it. Kennedy might have emotionally touched us, but Johnson actually got the stuff accomplished (whether you liked it or not).

  2. JFk was great at avoiding the Cuban missile crisis, having pops buy his election and screwing Monroe instead defending our country from the commies. If you look at Pattons killer, you 'll see JFK. I would know a tid bit more about that than Warren, don't need to post I remember where I was. Ironically Kc had a connection to that as well. Do bad , get returns. Weird. People love what if's and alien bigfoots vs reality. Kennedy was a fantasy, Johnson was a sexual predator with tape to back it. Neat shit provided by the in know people.

  3. Kennedy accomplished one more thing than that, @3:40, he got passed the only Tax Cut that actually spurred Economic Growth and didn't balloon the Deficit.

    After the three Eisenhower Recessions, the US Economy Kennedy inherited was about as rocky as it was when Carter, Clinton and Obama took Office, so among his other measures he and the Democratic Congress reduced Individual Income Taxes from a top bracket of 91% to a top of 65%, and Corporate Taxes from 70% (only on "retained Profits") to 45%. This level of taxation worked through a long period Economic Growth and expansion.

    It wasn't until the Nixon Administration that the idea of shifting the tax burden from the Wealthy to the Middle Class gained the foothold it has today.

  4. Kennedy planned to eliminate the CIA. He knew they screwed him over the Bay of Pigs fiasco...once that got out, he was a walking dead man.

  5. The Demoncraps have never be known for cutting people's taxes. They have too many socialist wet dreams to ever do that. Working people's paychecks are proof of that. Redistribution of wealth is their mantra.

  6. Fuck the Kennedy's. Especially Ted. What pieces of fuckin shit they were.

  7. ^^As opposed to the steaming pile of dogshit you are?!?!

  8. Love how 5:28 contradicted himself by saying Kennedy was great at avoiding the Cuban missile crisis (whatever the fuck that means) and screwing Monroe instead of defending the country from the commies.

    If you can't see how stupid that fucking statement is you're beyond redemption.

  9. The CIA will kill any President it doesnt like. Resign or they will take you out! But egotistical presidents just dont realize that.


    1900 -- William McKinley, assassinated 1901

    1920 -- Warren Harding, dead by 1923

    1940 -- Franklin Roosevelt, died in office during 4th term

    1960 -- John Kennedy, assassinated 1963

    1980 -- Ronald Reagan, survived an assassination attempt (gunshot to the chest) in 1981

    2000 -- GW Bush, uninjured when shots were fired into the White House in 2001, and a grenade failed to detonate after being thrown at him in Tbilisi Georgia (ex-Soviet state).

    2020 -- ???

  11. ^^Wow. None of it means anything. How weird.

  12. @11:50

    2020-- America, damaged but somehow surviving a Psychopathic Bully's best efforts to punish her for rejecting him at the polls.

  13. @4:18
    +++ 1.000,000,000,000,000,000,000 !!!!

  14. Shame on President Johnson, who brought us the 1965 immigration act that commenced mass population replacement by Catholic invaders; and whose Great Society made it profitable for a young slut to become a babymama, thereby wrecking the black family, which used to be the heart of the black community; not to mention the War in Vietnamiraqistan, which I hope President Trump will end, on his way out the door. Shame! Kennedy was just nouveau riche Irish trash.


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