Jackson County Against Winter Sports Amid Rising COVID-19 Numbers

After a prolonged fight with Blue Springs over football, here's the latest declaration from the courthouse that will undoubtedly confront a challenge from parents.


Jackson County Health Department advises against winter sports in schools

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As fall approaches, bringing cooler weather, and some schools return to in-person learning, leaders at the Jackson County Health Department are advising area districts not to allow winter sports and activities. With cooler temperatures and schools returning to in-person learning, we've updated our school guidance to address the additional risks that indoor extracurricular activities pose.


  1. Lick my balls Jackson County Health Dept

  2. Mayor lickass Killa kc and Frank ‘cant Pay for anything” white are two of the biggest dumbasses with two of the biggest dumbass health dept fake dr’s. You’d be lying if you say you didn’t think these idiots wouldn’t stop sports.


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