Infamous Local Lady Convict Remembers Killer Confronting Execution

Kansas City #TBT testimony hopes to humanize a woman who cut a baby out of an expecting mom who later died.

The advocacy comes from one of our favorite former cons who was caught up in a sexy but doomed doggy-style prison escape that reminds us that family life isn't all it's cracked up to be . . .

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Death Row inmate's notorious friend says she got to know real Lisa Montgomery behind bars

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. - A Kansas woman is set to be executed Dec. 8 for cutting an unborn child out of a Missouri woman's womb. She'd be the first woman to be executed by the federal government in 67 years. But one friend says the Lisa Montgomery she knows doesn't deserve the death penalty.


  1. That evil thing didn't hesitate to give the death penalty to the pregnant woman did she? Let her have it!

  2. What's sad is there's been no Federal executions for women for the last 67 years. I'm sure there are some deserving XX chromosomes in prison that deserves this.

  3. I read Dorr saying adjectives in past tense - was, was ,was and was. Keep it that way - was.

    The lady is ready to die and will make the history page of death row wiki, let her go.

  4. Hmmm, where to start...Lisa Montgomery is a monster and she committed a gruesome and unthinkable crime. Toby Dorr is an idiot. I'm sure many people who were affected by her crimes would prefer she just disappear...maybe into those very woods in Tennessee where she hid out with her convict boyfriend. Both of these two women are disgusting and repulsive.

  5. up the 'chipper' 'em both through....

  6. Don't know what the purpose of that stupid puff piece was, but they both ought to be the first on the gallows. Followed by everyone else hanging out on death row. WTF are we giving the three hots and a cot for decades after society has deemed them irredeemable and no longer worthy of walking among us.

  7. If you ask a Nazi SS guy if his fellow soldier should be killed for the murders he did - the answer is no.

    If you ask a prison inmate if a fellow prisoner should be killed for the murders she did - the answer is no.

    But ask a normal law abiding person with a solid belief in right and wrong - and you get a different answer.

  8. Had Lisa gotten away with it scott free - people would be calling for her to be found and killed.

    Since she got caught, and is "sorry that she got caught", is no reason to let her off the hook.

    Her friend is also a criminal and let kids and husband to run away with a young prison inmate that was a psycopath with a shotgun - now why would they need a shotgun?

    Oh - to kill police thats why!

  9. Ms. Dorr was found in Tenn. campground with a bunch of dildos and sex toys - with a young prison inmate. i can only imagine the fun they had while her family of kids and husband waited to see what had happened to her. They thought she might be dead! She is a psycopath herself! Horrible mother!

  10. I shall laugh and dance once I hear she has been executed! The angels in heaven will be singing as justice is done and hell gains a loyal citizen!


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